Impressive Dog Breeds That Look Like Wolves

Impressive dog breeds that look like wolves

The truth is that all dogs are descendants of wolves, but there are some breeds that have retained the appearance of their ancestors. Therefore, in this article you will  find dog breeds that look like wolves. This similarity in appearance is not necessarily genetic or hereditary, but instead linked to cross-breeding.

Because they have a common ancestor, dogs and wolves are more than just close relatives. They come from the same species, which “split” into two branches many centuries ago. One branch remained wild while the other became tame. The domestic dogs developed differently and mated with each other, which led to us today having around 800 different dog breeds.

Although there are obvious differences in size, nose, ears and fur, there are actually dog ​​breeds that look like wolves. Keep reading to find out who they are.

1. Wolfhound

As the name suggests, this is a mix of wolf and dog bred by humans at the breeding center. There are even three sub-breeds defined by the genetic proportion belonging to the wild animal (less than 49%, 50-75% and more than 75%).

It is a “hybrid animal” that is banned in many countries, but in the United States, among other places, you can have them as pets. Instead of barking, they howl or growl.

2. Alaskan malamute

This is one of the oldest dog breeds available. They were bred at the Arctic Circle to pull sledges. They resemble Siberian huskies but do not have light-colored eyes. It is resistant to low temperatures, noble, loyal and very hardworking. They have long fur and large, broad heads.

Alaskan malamute is relatively calm and social.

3. Tamaskan

Of all the dogs that look like wolves, this one lives the longest (up to 20 years), thanks to its genetic purity. Originally from neighboring Finland, it is a cross between the Alaskan malamute and the Siberian husky.

It looks very impressive, and many people have to look both once and twice extra to distinguish it from an actual wolf. It is 70 cm high and weighs 40 kg (adult males).

Ever since this breed came into the world, they have been pulling sledges in the snow.

4. Czechoslovakian wolfhound

One can get a pretty good idea of ​​what  Ceskoslovenský vlciak  looks like just by looking at the name.

It is a relatively new breed created in 1955 when a German Shepherd was crossed with a European wolf. This hybrid has the same temperament, training capacity and mentality as a German Shepherd, combined with the resilience, strength and physique of a European wolf.

They are similar to the Eurasian wolf and can live for up to 16 years. However, they often suffer from hip dysplasia.

5. Siberian husky

Siberian huskies are some of the most famous dogs that look like wolves. This dog has a stately posture (even if it is smaller than malamute) and can measure up to 60 cm in height and weigh 30 kg. Its thick fur can withstand the harsh weather conditions of northern Russia. However, it must be brushed regularly to get rid of dead hair.

Like wolves, this breed prefers to live in herds and is unable to be alone. They are not very obedient, but affectionate, friendly and active (they need a lot of exercise daily).

Siberian husky

6. Utonagan

This wolf-like dog was created by crossing German Shepherds, Alaskan malamute and Siberian husky. The result is a dog of British descent that has not yet been officially recognized. The name comes from a traditional tale from the American Chinook tribe and means “wolf spirit”.

This breed is relatively large (76 cm and 42 kg), gets along well with children and can live for up to 15 years.

Other dog breeds that look like wolves are: qimmiq (Canadian Eskimo dog), German Shepherd, Saarloos wolfhound and Samoyed.

Main image from SCMW

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