Important And Interesting Facts About Endemic Species

Endemic species are very important for the ecosystem. But they are also more vulnerable because they can only stay in limited places in the world.
Important and interesting facts about endemic species

Endemic species are those that have a limited distribution or population. There are also species that only live in a part of the world. In this article, we will address interesting features and facts about endemic species.

Interesting facts about endemic species

The word endemism can be used for both animals and plants to define the types that are unique to a particular geographical area. For example, they may only exist on a certain island or in a certain desert.

Endemism can exist in all areas of nature. For example, on a mountain top, an island, in a certain country, a forest, a river or in a desert.

The concept is applied to species, but it can also be used for subspecies, organisms, animal families and plants.

Kangaroo with kid.

Islands are “perfect” places to find endemic species because they are so isolated.

Australia, for example, has not had contact with other continents for millions of years. You can therefore find species there that are not found anywhere else in the world.

Other examples are the Galapagos Islands, Hawaii and the Canary Islands. All these islands have a volcanic origin and have never been in contact with a continent.

Here you can find species that are not found anywhere else in the world. Three examples of this are the Tenerife finch , the Galapagos tortoise and the Aeorestes cinereus.

Finch sitting among leaves.

The importance of endemic species

A very important point when it comes to these species is that the smaller their natural habitat is, the greater the risk they run for changes that affect the population.

In other words, they are more endangered.

They are also sensitive to changes that affect their habitat such as deforestation and the construction of hydropower plants.

The population has also changed in recent times as humans have captured these species to keep as pets or to place in zoos.

Why is it so important to protect these species? It has to do with the fact that the original population is limited to a certain area.

If one of these species disappears from its natural habitat, this means that you have lost a naturally occurring species.

These animals have adapted to an area where they live and fulfill a certain function in the ecosystem. They also form part of the food chain, which changes if certain species disappear.

This means that if a reptile is food for a certain type of bird and this bird is exterminated, these reptiles will multiply uncontrolled. There will be an imbalance.

A danger to limited species

Another problem that has arisen many times in the last century is the introduction of new species into certain ecosystems. This destroys the normal food chain and is devastating to the ecosystem.

The introduction of new species (whether this is done on purpose or not) changes the relationship and symbiosis within a certain territory. This mainly affects the endemic species.

Why? Because they usually do not have contact with species outside their own ecosystem. These animals can also suffer from the diseases that the new species bring with them.

We should try to protect all animals, but endemic species need extra help. The reason for this is that they are not found in so many areas, which makes them more vulnerable than others.

These species are very important in their ecosystems, and we will not be able to replace them with other species!

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