How To Take Care Of Your Pet When You Are Not At Home

When you work long shifts in an office or in a store and your pet is left at home, there are plenty of ways to avoid getting bored, breaking furniture or going hungry.
How to take care of your pet when you are not at home

Here are some tips to help you take care of your pet when you are not at home.

It can be heartbreaking to leave our pets alone. But we have to go to work or school, even if it means our best friend has to spend hours alone every day. We would love to be able to take her to work, but not many companies allow it (at the moment).

Some dogs spend the whole day sleeping peacefully when you are not at home. But others get bored easily and start tearing everything in their path. It can be furniture, objects, their own bed, their toys, etc.

Lonely dog

On the other hand, there are pets that bark, howl and whine when you are not at home. In that case, it is fear and anxiety that cause them much suffering. Are you wondering how to find out if your dog does this? The neighbors will inform you soon…

Obviously, you can not stop working to stay at home with your pet (even if you can get a job you can take care of from home). To take care of your pet without constantly being by its side, you should therefore take a look at the following tips:

1. Do not make your pet addicted

Your pet needs to learn to have fun on its own, and that means new toys. If you can, buy some new entertainment every month to keep the animal entertained. However, it must be something that does not require your interaction.

Dog with Pawbo

2. Avoid being overprotective

When you get home, you can and should of course spend time with your pet. Later, however, it is good if you have some time without it. It is not necessary for the dog to accompany you to the bathroom, up on the sofa or in bed. Your pet needs to learn that you are not always available, even when you are at home.

Leave your pet in a peaceful environment

When you leave in the morning , we recommend that you have the house in as good order as possible. Of course, your pet will not notice if you leave the bed unmade, but it can perceive the energy in its surroundings.

You can even have a small fountain with a waterfall (zen style, which is so trendy) to help calm your pet. Another option is to leave the radio or TV on so that it does not feel lonely.

4. Take an early walk together

Take care of your dog by taking him for a walk in the mornings so that he gets the chance to move around a bit. That way, he will get tired and better channel his energy. In the coming hours, he will not be as active as usual or want to engage in mischief.

When you return from the walk, be sure to put food in the bowl so that he has the chance to eat and digest the food in peace and quiet.

5. Do not dramatize the situation

Avoid making a big deal out of your departure by petting the dog, giving him hugs or sad looks. Let him stay in bed or where he now wants to lie, and do not say goodbye as if you would never see each other again.

Act normally, take your things, open and close the door slowly and then walk away. It will take your pet an hour to realize that you are gone.

In addition to implementing the above tips, we recommend that you take advantage of new technologies to keep your pet maintained when you are not at home. Thanks to devices like Pawbo +, your dog or cat’s everyday life will be much more fun.

This is an excellent option as it allows you to monitor your pet from your mobile phone through a camera that sends pictures (via its own app). And not only that, because it also has a microphone and speakers so you can communicate without being at home.

Among its many advantages, we can mention that it has a storage compartment for sweets that can be programmed or opened whenever you want. Reward your pet’s good behavior!

Cat playing with Pawbo Catch

At the same time , it offers integrated games with lights to interact with the dog or cat while you are at work. If you want to save amazing moments, the app can also save photos and videos that can be shared on social media.

If you have a cat, you can get an Acer Pawbo Catch. It is a moving stick that can be controlled with your phone remotely, and make your pet’s days at home a pure delight. So start taking care of your pet, no matter where you are!

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