How To Prevent Your Dog From Eating Too Fast

This is how you prevent your dog from eating too fast

It is common for dogs to eat too fast. This behavior can be harmful to the dog as it causes indigestion and upset stomach. The condition can worsen if the behavior is not corrected. How can you prevent your dog from eating too fast?

As soon as you place the bowl on the floor or some food falls out of the package, the dog desperately eats it. It attacks the plate and begins to swallow the food without chewing it. If the food is hot, the dog can burn itself in the process. In a few seconds the bowl is empty and the dog wants more.

If this is something you recognize, do not hesitate to read the following article. We will tell you how to prevent your dog from eating too fast. You will see that this problem can be corrected in no time!

Meals can be very hectic.

Many animals eat the food too fast without chewing it. This is a survival instinct. Like their “cousins” the wolves, dogs devour the food to avoid sharing it with the rest of the herd.

By eating fast, the animals benefit from being lucky enough to have food. They try to make sure they have enough to meet their needs before any other animal comes and takes the food from them. It’s actually that simple.

Of course, this is something that we humans cannot really understand because we feed our animals regularly every day. But this does not seem to matter to our furry friends. They continue to devour everything on the plate and whatever we give them.

It is extremely important that you prevent your dog from eating too fast. Eating too fast can create many health problems. There is also a risk that the dog may suffocate from food if he swallows without chewing.

Another consequence of eating too fast is that the animal swallows air. This creates gas and and problems with the stomach. Reflux, belching and gas are a clear sign of an upset stomach due to poor digestion.

On the other hand, it is even more dangerous for the dog to eat fast when it comes to “human food” or bones. This is because a piece of bone can drill holes in the esophagus or other organs. The risk of suffocation increases significantly if you do not correct this habit in time.

Bones are dangerous if your dog eats too fast

The most dangerous thing about eating too fast is the risk of stomach upset. The animal can die if not treated in time. Stomach distortion occurs when the stomach literally releases from the muscles and tendons that hold it in place due to too much weight, which separates it from the intestines.

The symptoms of stomach upset are as follows:

  • Swollen abdomen
  • Weakness
  • Little will to move
  • Goes forward bent
  • Try to vomit
  • Pain

If the dog shows signs of being ill, it is important to take him to the vet as soon as possible so that he can receive the right treatment  (in some cases, surgery may be necessary). Do not ignore these warning signs if you want your pet to live.

If your dog seems anxious and desperate to access the bowl at meals and does not necessarily chew the food enough, pay attention to the following tips:

1. Place the bowl upside down. The lower part of the bowl is smaller than the upper part. It also has a strange shape that makes the dog have to work harder to access the food. You can also buy a special bowl that distributes the food in different compartments. Another option is to serve the food in baking tins for muffins or to put a large stone in the middle of the bowl so that it takes a while to find the food.

2. Give him a toy with the food in.  Pet stores sell special toys that you can fill with food. When the dog bites into the toy, food falls out. These are excellent for your dog to get an outlet for his hunting instincts and so he can have some fun!

Limit the portions. If you normally give him a large portion in the evening, give him half in the morning and half for dinner for example. This does not help if he eats too fast but it at least helps against stomach upset. It is also a good way to prevent your pet from becoming overweight. If he eats twice a day, he will burn calories every time he digests food.

  • Try using small bowls and small portions. Put the first portion in the bowl and then give him the second portion a few minutes after he has eaten. Then give him a little more after a few minutes, and so on until he has received his daily portion. Yes, this option means you have to check on him while he eats.
  • Raise the plate. A good technique to help your dog eat more slowly is to put his bowl on a bench, tray or bedside table. That way, his head will be higher and it will be easier to expel air.
  • Make “food stations”. In addition to making it more interesting, this will prevent your dog from eating too fast. Place three bowls in different areas of the house so that your dog has to look for them. This allows time to pass between him finishing one bowl and finding the next.

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