How To Organize A Wedding For Dogs

Believe it or not, our four-legged friends can also fall in love. In 2014, a wedding for dogs actually became a big sensation on the internet.
How to organize a wedding for dogs

Just like real weddings, these dogs get married in an emotional ceremony. The owners invested heavily in this event, dressed up their dogs in nice clothes and even bought wedding rings. But why are more and more people deciding to organize a wedding for dogs?

The event was organized by Christine Reynolds – a dog groomer from the UK. She spends over 30,000 kronor on organizing the perfect wedding for her dogs. In an interview, she said, “People must think I’m crazy, but I know my pugs, and they’m in love, so getting married seemed like the right thing to do.”

Wedding trends

In recent years, more and more people have started arranging weddings for their dogs. For many owners, animals are like their children, and they love to be able to celebrate with them.

Preparing for a wedding for dogs

Just like for humans, the clothes for the dogs are important. When it comes to the bride, there are many options to choose from in the market. Normally people choose a classic white wedding dress, but you can also choose something more festive.

Remember that the dog’s comfort and well-being should always be a priority. They are living beings, not toys.

Tips for celebrating a wedding for dogs

  • Make sure the dogs are well socialized  and do not get upset if many people come.
  • Buy suitable clothes at the moment.
  • A delicious, dog-friendly cake will be much appreciated!
  • Rings can be difficult to put on and also uncomfortable. Opt for necklaces for the newlyweds instead.
  • Facilities:  Gardens, parks and even beaches can be great places  (as long as they are dog friendly, of course).
  • Make a guest list and send out the invitations. The more dogs the better, of course.
  • What type of music is best suited? There are many songs and styles of music that make our dog lovers relaxed, including classical music and rock.
  • Be sure to bathe and cut the happy couple before the ceremony  so that they look as good as possible.
  • Of course, you must also book a wedding photographer.
  • If you want to decorate the place with flowers or put some in the dog’s collar,  make sure they are not toxic to dogs, such as daffodils, tulips or lily of the valley.
  • You may notice that your pet gets a little nervous during the wedding, so be prepared with ways to calm it down if needed. If the animal becomes too upset, the ceremony must of course be interrupted. Nothing is more important than the health of the dogs.
  • A good way is to have their favorite candy ready.
  • If you are going to invite other dogs or animals to the wedding  , you need to make sure that everyone gets along well.

Wedding for dogs: guest list

Once you have written the guest list and sent out the invitations, you must confirm who will participate so that you can prepare the place and come up with a table location.

It is also important to tell guests who are bringing dogs to  constantly keep an eye on them. They know their pets better than anyone else and will be able to step in if they get too playful or disagree.

Another interesting alternative is to hire a dog sitter. In this way, the owners can relax and enjoy the party while the dogs are well taken care of.

Things you must have

There are several things you need to have close at hand throughout the wedding, including water, food, toys, poop bags, etc.  It is also important to provide trash cans so you can throw trash.

Of course, the facility must be nicely decorated, but also safe for the animals. Serving personnel must have plenty of patience,  as they must constantly navigate between hairy missiles that burn between the chairs. They must also be prepared to welcome impatient diners who think it’s time for the next dish.

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