How To Moisturize The Dog’s Skin When It Is Dry

How to moisturize the dog's skin when it is dry

After ruling out skin diseases, you should look for ways to moisturize the dog’s skin when it is dry. There are many different options, such as artificial and natural products. However, it is always better to use the latter variant.

Before starting an effective treatment, however, it is important to identify the reasons why your pet has dry skin.

It is good to change the dog’s diet to improve the natural fat layer produced by the skin. Some foods that you can use are fish and eggs, which help our friend to naturally regenerate his skin and even make it shiny.

Dog eating out of bowl.

Even if it does not seem so, it is important to pet the dog because it stimulates the skin and fat production on his body.

When the animal shakes from the cold, we must find a solution to the situation. In addition to being an unpleasant experience, the cold is actually one of the main reasons why the skin is dry. There are many dog ​​clothes in the shops.

A bath is important for your dog, but bathing too much can make the skin dry because the water destroys the skin’s natural protection. It is good that the owners inform themselves how long it should take between baths so that the dog does not suffer.

When it comes to shampoos, you should use ones that are specially made for dogs. You should never use shampoos that are made for humans. If your friend has dry skin, there are some special shampoos that contain oats; a very good ingredient for skin care.

When it comes to conditioner products, they should stay in the coat for 15-20 minutes. Then use plenty of water to rinse off the residue. It is important to brush the dog if it has a lot of fur. If this is done frequently, it will counteract dust, dirt and dandruff.

Olive oil also has many benefits. It will not be a problem to use it as it is a natural product with strong moisturizing properties. However, it should be divided into doses as the oil can stain the bed, the floor and even the walls.

Drinking plenty of fresh water will help moisturize the internal tissue, which will also affect the skin.

It is known that the sun is very beneficial for the animal’s health, but too much sunlight can cause burns and irritation. If your pet does not have a lot of fur, you must be aware of burns during the summer, especially when you are on a mountain or by the beach.

If they are exposed to ultraviolet radiation to an excessive extent, this can give rise to preneoplastic lesions on the nose and upper body. If our friend spends most of his time at home, he will be even more vulnerable.

The breeds that are sensitive to this so-called “soldermatite” are: boxers, white bull terriers, American Staffordshire terriers, beagles, Dalmatians and German short-haired pointers.

Dog running on the beach.

The tan can occur in many forms: skin deposits, erosions, irregular swelling and sores, etc. The most affected areas are the ventral and lateral sides of the abdomen and inner thighs. There may also be sores on the sides, tip of the tail or the distal area of ​​the extremities, as well as sores on the nose and surrounding hairless skin without pigmentation, which become red and scaly.

Long-term exposure to the sun will cause alopecia, scabies, erosions, sores and scars. The risk factor is highest between 9 in the morning and 4 in the afternoon for both dogs and humans. You have to apply sunscreen.

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