How To Get Two Dogs To Get Along With Each Other

Since you have a pet and know what love they offer, you will always want more.
How to get two dogs to get along with each other

When you have a dog at home, the desire to adopt another often grows. One factor may be that our animal is alone when we are at work, and therefore we may want him to have a friend. But how do you get two dogs to get along? In this article we will tell you how.

However, you should keep in mind that dogs have different personalities, so adapting them to each other may not be as easy as you think. What can we do to improve the coexistence of different dogs? Here is some advice on this.

Dogs wrestling

It is important to socialize so that the coexistence between two dogs becomes peaceful. When a dog is used to living alone, he will definitely feel threatened when a new dog arrives, and it can be difficult for these dogs to get along.

The dog must get used to being with other dogs and other people. You should also know that he is a member of the family, but that he must follow rules.

You need to think about the type of breed you will bring home. Dogs are naturally social animals, but there are some breeds that do not get along so well with others. Therefore, we suggest that you be aware of this before taking the next step. But if the dog you already have at home is social and the one who arrives is a puppy that you learn to be social, you will probably not have any problems.

However, there may be small differences that you will need to resolve. For example, they may fight for attention. What should you do in this case?

Both dogs will probably want the attention of their owners, so it is important that each dog has its own space. The dog that is already there should not feel that someone is invading his home, and the new dog should not feel like an outcast, so follow these simple guidelines:

  • Everyone must have their own bed. If they want to be friends and sleep together, it’s okay, but do not force them to do so. You must have a bed for each animal, in different places.
  • Different food bowls. The food bowls must also be different and in different places. If the animals are of different ages, you may also have to buy different meals for each one.
  • Do not give one dog more attention and consideration than the other. It can also be tempting to spend more time with the new dog because it is new, especially if it is a puppy. You may want to hold him in your arms all the time and get to know him. But if you give a lot of attention to the new dog and lower your old faithful friend’s status, there will definitely be problems between them.
Dogs sniffing at each other

On the other hand, it is important that the dogs get to know each other before they share territory. To help your dogs get along and do this, follow these recommendations:

  • Choose a quiet and neutral place. It is better for the dogs to meet each other outside the house, perhaps in a park or on a beach.
  • Have them on a leash. Do not trust them, and hold them on the leash so that they can approach each other slowly and smell each other. You can then also withdraw them in case of problems.
  • When you see that everything is going well, you let both dogs go into the house together. If you let them go in one by one, the first dog will see itself as the dominant and the second will see him as an enemy and not an equal.
  • It is important to lock the older dog and let the new dog walk around the house to inspect and get used to it.

You you plan and have patience, the coexistence between your two friends will be peaceful and quiet and the two dogs will get along and love each other.

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