How To Control The Birth Rate Of Dogs

The best way to prevent dogs from reproducing uncontrollably is to stop abandoning them. Neutering projects for homeless animals are also required.
How to control the birth rate of dogs

Every day there are more and more dogs on the streets of the world. It is a growing problem that can be reduced if we learn to control the birth rate of dogs. This control begins with the owners. Neutering the dog is a good way to avoid unwanted puppies, and it is also good for their health.

Controlling the birth rate of dogs is probably the only way to influence the number of homeless animals on the streets and in cities.

The main goal is to prevent people from abandoning these poor animals,  or at least to reduce the number drastically. Neutering is a great way to do that, and it’s good for your animals’ health and life expectancy.

There are a number of strategies that must be used to reduce the number of stray dogs. In addition to castrating homeless animals, we need to raise awareness and take more control of our neighborhoods and neighborhoods.

Animals in a shelter

Another strategy is to  register and identify dogs. Another is to educate people on how to be responsible dog owners, and in some cases, stricter legislation may even be needed.

Neutering a dog is without a doubt the most effective way to reduce the risk of unwanted puppies.  When you do this at an early stage in life, you prevent future abandoned puppies. It is best to do this when the dog reaches the age of twelve months, or a maximum of 18 months if it is a larger breed. It is a simple surgical procedure that dogs recover from in no time.

The benefits of early castration are that you reduce aggression,  prevent breast cancer, ovarian cysts and prostate problems, and increase life expectancy, among other things.

Unfortunately, many owners abandon their dogs when they get tired of them. They want the dog to play with them and give them company, but when they realize that ownership also comes with responsibility and satisfaction of needs, the poor animal is dumped.

Abandonment of pets is tragic, but unfortunately it never seems to stop. That’s why we need awareness campaigns about responsible pet ownership.

Caged dogs

It is important to tell people about all the responsibilities that come with owning a dog. Vaccinations must be updated, dewormed and taken to the veterinarian for examination. And then we have not even mentioned their daily hygiene needs.

Another strategy is to get people to adopt more homeless animals. Neutering and adopting is a perfect formula to quickly reduce the number of homeless dogs. Of course, it is still important to ensure that the owners understand their responsibilities.

You must also register and identify each dog. If one is missing, it will be much easier to find its owners and reunite them. You can either  do temporary or permanent identification. Temporary are things like necklaces and badges. Permanent are tattoos, microchips, etc.

You can also use less invasive things, such as chemical castration or contraception.  One of the most common strategies is to isolate bitches when they run. Just remember that these methods do no good to the dog’s health.

Controlling the birth rate of dogs is a big part of reducing the number of stray dogs in the world. The problem may not be extremely big in Sweden, but in the rest of the world many animals have to suffer unnecessarily. There must be more neutering days, awareness campaigns about responsible animal husbandry and the adoption of homeless animals.

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