How Do You Give Pills To Your Cat In A Good Way?

How to give pills to your cat in a good way?

It’s always a bit risky, but sometimes you have to. Giving pills to your cat can be a challenge and include a lot of scratching. But it also means having a healthy and happy cat. This is a sensitive issue, so preparation is the most important thing.

Cats are alert and intelligent animals, so it is not easy to fool them. They also have sharp teeth and claws. With a little creativity, you can get them to take their pills in a way that is stress-free for both of you.

  • The first thing you should do  is take your time and be patient. Let it get used to you touching its face and mouth. As part of this, you can tilt its head back and open its mouth as if you were giving it a pill. Then reward it with a treat or itch for letting you do so. This friendly context will help the cat get used to it.
  • Now that it is more relaxed, start by opening its mouth with your thumb and middle finger on your left hand. Place them on your cat’s face in a C shape.

It may also need to get used to getting syringes with, for example, deworming agents in its mouth. If you have to give it a pill  , its shape can play a role  (mashed or swallowed whole). Some must be dissolved in liquid, others can be taken with food and some must be taken on an empty stomach. Once you have solved this, you can start.

Hold the pill between your thumb and forefinger in your right hand. Hold your cat close to your body with your left arm, with their face forward in the same direction as you.

to give pills to his cat

With the fingers of your left hand, lift the cat’s head. Press down its jaw with the middle finger of your right hand to open its mouth. Then place the pill as far back on the tongue as possible.

Stroking it over the neck under the chin while its mouth is closed will stimulate it to swallow. If it licks around your mouth or nose, you know it’s gone well.

It is easy to fail on the first try. It is possible that  your cat will spit out the pill  and that you will have to start over. If it is very aggressive or upset, it may be best to wait a bit. Another tip to make it all easier is to be two.

An alternative is to put the cat on the table. We recommend rolling it in a towel to avoid itching and biting. To do this, you should be careful with your hands.

You can use treats to give pills to your cat. Make sure you do it  at a good distance between meals. If the cat is hungry, you are more likely to succeed.

Once it has begun to trust you when it comes to touching its mouth and face,  you can start giving it small soft treats that it can swallow without chewing. If it is used to chewing the food and they then discover that it contains a pill, it will just bite in and spit it out.

After a number of these snacks, one of them should contain the pill. It should be well camouflaged so that it does not smell of it. It is important to vary the quantity and order. This way, your cat cannot distinguish the one that contains the medicine.

Giving pills to your cat is sometimes necessary

It does not matter if you mash them or if you buy them mashed. The important thing is that you consult with your veterinarian. Some pills should be swallowed whole and others can be pulverized. If it is lighter, you can use a syringe without a needle, but it needs its own preparation.

You can smear some food on the syringe so that your cat wants to smell and lick it. In this way, the cat gets used to having it close and in its mouth.

If it is comfortable to get liquid, you can give that medicine mixed with water . Otherwise, it may get nausea from the taste. If you do not do it right, it can cause pneumonia. You should never inject liquid into its mouth faster than it can swallow.

As a final note, you should always follow the instructions on the package leaflet when giving pills to your cat.

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