How Can A Dog Show That It Is Well?

Even though they cannot speak our language, pets can express their feelings in different ways.
How can a dog show that it is well?

Do you want to know if your dog is happy and well? Then continue reading the following article, where we will tell you how your dog shows you that it is fine.

dog that feels good

As a pet owner, you naturally care about their well-being and you want them to feel good and be happy with their existence. However, since your dog may not speak the same language as you, there are certain gestures and daily behaviors that you may be aware of. If your dog does some (or more) of the following things, it shows that the dog is fine:

1 – The dog always wants to play with you

Time of day or the age of the dog does not matter. If you take out a ball or a tree branch, the dog immediately starts wagging its tail. This often extreme happiness is related to your mood. You can play with the dog for 5 minutes every day and with only that manage to make it the happiest creature in the world.

2 – The dog never loses appetite

Dogs are very similar to humans. One of the ways they resemble us is when it comes to appetite. When it eats normally, it is because it is satisfied and that it feels good. Feeding the dog without difficulty shows that it feels comfortable in one place. But if the dog leaves parts of the meal or if it just smells and walks away, or refuses to eat for two days, then it may be time to take it to the vet.

3 – The eyes are relaxed

If the dog blinks softly and the pupils move slowly, the dog feels good. When the eyes are narrower and the gaze is sharp, it can mean that it is angry or aggressive.

Another way to find out the dog’s mood is by looking at his mouth. A closed or slightly open mouth with a small grimace on the sides indicates a good mood. And do not forget the ears: they should be relaxed and not stand up.

4 – The dog always waves its tail

This is the dog’s most obvious way to show that it is feeling well. A happy dog ​​waves its tail and lets the movements continue through the body. A stiffly waving tail and otherwise stationary body means that it is paying attention to something.

5 – The dog sleeps and sleeps

Normally an adult dog sleeps about 16 hours a day (puppies up to 20) of which 10 are during the night. It also takes short naps during the day, but has no problem waking up quickly to play or go for a walk. If the skin of the skin looks sad when sleeping, it may indicate that something is wrong (it may be bored, sick, cold or uncomfortable).

6 – The dog lies with its stomach up

When the dog lies in such a way and shows its stomach, it wants to be petted or scratched, and that means that it trusts us. It is a sign of love and affection, and not least that the dog also feels good.

7 – The dog jumps

dog with leash

In addition to wagging their tails, dogs express joy and appreciation by jumping! They will do so in relation to their abilities (weight, age, physical condition, size, etc.), but even if it is only a few centimeters from the floor, it is a sign that it is ready to play. 

8 – The dog always wants to be by your side

Have you ever wondered why dogs come with us to the bathroom? It’s because they love to hang out with us! To them, we are the leader of the flock and they would never abandon us. This is why your pet does not leave you when you leave, and it is a good sign that it loves to be close to you.

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