Help, My Cat Is Licking Me! Why Does It Do That?

Help, my cat is licking me!  Why does it do that?

Cats are wonderful and amazing creatures. Although cats are very independent pets, they are also affectionate and love to spend time with their owners. However, the proof of tenderness that your four-legged friend uses to express this may seem a little strange to humans… especially because of how the texture of the cat’s tongue is experienced when it licks you. In this article, we tell you why your cat licks you.

Cat licking kitten

If your cat licks you often, you are probably wondering about the reasons why it does. There are various reasons why your cat licks you, including:

1. As a way to connect socially

Cats not only wash themselves, they also wash others because there are some areas that are more difficult to reach. No matter how nimble and agile cats are, they usually need the help of others (mother, siblings, friend) to meet their personal hygiene needs.

Licking you does not mean that your cat thinks you are dirty; licking in this case is a way for your cat to attach to you through an exchange of scents.

2. As a way of expressing one’s affection

The way a cat communicates is not the same as the way humans communicate, it almost does not even need to be mentioned. So how does a cat communicate that it loves you? By licking you! For your cat, you are its family, and therefore it does the same for you as its mother did for it when it was young.

In this way , your cat shows its love, and also communicates that it is relaxed when it is with you. Likewise, licking can be a way for it to express that it feels safe in your presence.

3. To reduce anxiety

If you notice that your cat is licking compulsively (to the point that it is harming itself), or notices that it is biting or tearing you more than normal, it may be because it is going through a period of great stress or anxiety. If it experiences these symptoms, it may want to lick or suck on other surfaces and objects such as fabric, plastic, toys, etc. This eases the tension.

4. Like a game

Playing with your pet is really special. For cats, licking their peers or friends is something that reminds them of their early childhood, when they were still with their siblings and their mother. Be careful not to cut the bond between you and your cat. This is why you should let it continue if your cat licks you in the middle of a play. It simply says that it is very fun! Remember that the endorphins secreted during play help it to relax and feel comfortable around you.

5. As territory boundaries

Cats are very prone to territory. Your cat tries to mark its territory wherever it is so that all other cats know that this special space is already occupied. It also considers you to be its property, which is why it licks you. The particles released through the cat’s saliva also settle on your personal scent; you are already “selected”.

6. As an exchange of fragrances

If your cat has been obsessed with licking your fingers and hands lately, it may be because you have handled objects that attract its attention. It is normal for your cat to lick you after you have cooked, worked in the garden or touched something special.

Cat licking

If you have a playful cat , it is likely that it will first lick and then bite you. This behavior is not about punishing you for patting your cat the wrong way. For the cat, licking, and then biting, is just part of a fun game, and your cat does not do this to harm you. Of course, biting your cat needs to be gentle and playful rather than painful.

If biting is more painful than playful, you should teach your cat not to bite. When your cat bites you hard and its hair stands up, be careful. It could be a sign that you did something that your cat did not like or that it behaves aggressively.

Be especially patient with your kitten if it has recently been separated from its mother. If it has adopted you as its protector, it will lick you all the time. The same goes for a cat mother who has recently had several kittens that have already been adopted by other families.

In addition to all the other explanations , you should look at the fact that your cat is licking you as the highest gesture of love and affection that your cat can give you. This means that your cat has a strong connection to you and that it loves you very much.

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