Greyhound Racing Becomes Illegal In Argentina

Greyhound racing becomes illegal in Argentina

Dogs are used for so many good purposes. This is the case with therapy dogs that help people with autism, cancer, disease detection, guide dogs and so much more. But some also use dogs, as is the case with greyhound racing.

Various organizations have been fighting for years to eradicate this activity. Not much progress has been made, but some time ago the fight took a big step forward: greyhound racing was banned in Argentina. We have written about this wonderful decision before, but today will supplement with some new information.

Greyhound racing is prohibited

As I said, this news comes from Argentina, where greyhound racing was very common. After several demonstrations and petitions from residents, the government decided to take a closer look at the problem.

They agreed to vote on a proposal to ban this cruel activity. However, the vote was not entirely straightforward as many gathered outside Congress.

The activists who advocated a ban arrived early to start their vigil, and so did the people who opposed the ban. These people are referred to as “greyhounders” and are the individuals who run this lucrative industry.

Later that day, insults, screams, and even pushing took place. It got so bad that the police had to intervene. As humans, we tend to defend what we consider to be right with passion, and that was certainly the case with animal rights activists.

Inside the doors, the situation was quite similar. Some abstained, but others who opposed the proposal tried to change the views of others.

However, the victory was overwhelming: 132 voted for a ban and only 17 against, with 23 abstaining. Greyhound racing was banned throughout the country.

Fine greyhound dogs

The new laws prohibit greyhound racing as well as all forms of dog racing with all breeds. Those who do not follow the law  risk imprisonment for between 3 months and 4 years. They may also be forced to pay a fine corresponding to SEK 36,000 – 720,000.

The non-profit organizations that fought for this acclaimed decision. One of them, the Galgos Project, has always emphasized the need to ban greyhound racing, with imprisonment and fines as punishment. A news reporter said it well:

“The competitions are a business where greyhound dogs are the product that is used to get millions in revenue, both as prize money as well as from betting and sales.”

“Greyhound dogs are locked in cages in total darkness as a way to break their spirit. Greyhounders put ropes around the dogs and force them to run where they can injure themselves. At six months of age, they give the dogs drugs to make them better runners. These drugs contain strychnine, arsenic, ephedrine, Viagra or steroids. Ten minutes before they run, they get one last injection in the neck or chest. It can contain methamphetamine and even liquid cocaine with vitamins. “

Veterinarian Andrea Diratchette testifies: “After a Sunday race, we see dogs with fractures, systemic problems, cardiac arrest and sudden death. Those who are injured are forced to continue competing. They line them up, even if they have fractures, and force them to run. ”

After reading testimonials like this  , it is really clear that banning greyhound racing is something very urgent. Here at  My Animals  , we could not be happier about Argentina’s decision.

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