Grand Danois: A Kind Giant Among Dogs

The Grand Dane is a dog you can not miss. It is one of the largest dogs on the planet.
Grand Dane: a kind giant among dogs

Even though it is so big, the grand danois is a kind giant who  thrives really well with people.

A few things about its origin

It is not known exactly where it came from in the beginning, but it is known that it has been by the human side for a long time and performed tasks such as:

  • Guard
  • Defense
  • Hunting
  • Company

Images reminiscent of this dog have even been found in Egyptian tombs. These pictures show how these dogs hunt. And imprints have also been seen in caves in Europe from the Middle Ages with these dogs.

We know that the Romans had dogs that were the same size. It is possible that these were the ancestors of the grand danois.

The researchers also believe that the dog may have been introduced to Europe by nomadic peoples from Asia. That is the reason why it is believed that it is related to the Tibetan mastiff.

A third possibility is that the grand danois is the result of a cross between a molus dog and a greyhound. This resulted in a strong but fast breed that could hunt large animals.

As time went on, humans then began to cross it with local dog breeds.

Physical characteristics of the grand danois – a kind giant

Despite its size, a grand Dane is a very agile dog. They measure 80-90 cm and weigh 75-100 kg. The females, on the other hand, are between 72-84 cm and weigh between 50-90 kg.

White and black grand danois.

It is a well-balanced animal with strong muscles and a robust body. The coat is short and shiny and can have different colors such as black, white, metallic blue with white, black or yellow spots.

As you can probably assume, it has wide and well-developed jaws. It also has a long and muscular neck. Other important features are drooping ears, high tail and slightly curved back.

It has medium-sized eyes that are usually dark, which gives it a lively and intelligent expression.

A big and kind dog

Who does not remember Scooby Doo? This character is actually based on grand danois.

They are ideal dogs for children, extremely loyal and faithful. They may be somewhat reserved towards strangers, but they will not bark or become aggressive if they do not feel that there is any danger.

These dogs are not only happy, caring and playful, but also extremely intelligent. They are calm, which makes them easy to train.

Special care for a grand Dane

Gray dog ​​running.

Exercise is an important part of the dog’s daily life. Over time, the joints will deteriorate so make sure it does not become overweight.

A quality diet is also vital for the dog’s health. Make sure he gets an adequate amount of food that does not exceed the veterinarian’s recommendations.

Since these dogs do not like to spend much time alone, they love to play. So if you can manage it financially and can set aside the time that the dog requires, you will get a loyal and caring friend.

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