Good Watch Dogs: Seven Dog Breeds That Top The List

If you are looking for a watchdog, it is good to know which breed will give its own life to protect you and your home. In return, you just need to give your love, attention and commitment. We have the list of seven good watch dogs.
Good watch dogs: seven dog breeds that top the list

Watchdog breeds have a natural instinct to protect both their home and their family. In general, these dogs tend to be loyal, fearless, strong and alert. Do you want a race that not only warns you when a visitor arrives, but also instinctively knows when to protect you from a dangerous situation? If so, you should take a look at this list of seven dog breeds that are good watch dogs.

Due to the strength and size of these breeds, it is very important to remember that they need proper training and also socialization. Below we present the seven dog breeds that are most suitable for protecting your home. We start with the dog breed akita.

1. Akita, one of the most popular watch dogs

This muscular dog breed with double fur is of Japanese descent. Akitan is known for its dignity, courage and loyalty. In their homeland, the Japanese reverence it as the protector of the family and a symbol of good health, happiness and long life. Akitan is a quiet dog and is very wary of strangers Unfortunately, it is also intolerant of other animals.

Akita puppy.

2. Anatolian Shepherd Dog

The individuals of this breed are both robust and impressive. They are very territorial and their protective instinct defines them. They are naturally protective because they were bred in their homeland as shepherd dogs that must protect their flock of sheep from predators.

This breed is intelligent, patient and very loyal. It will intensively protect its herd (whether it is cattle, children, small dogs or even the family cat) from all dangers.

Anatolian Shepherd Dog is on the list of good watch dogs.

3. Good watch dogs: Beauceron

Although this breed stands out for its impressive and powerful build, this dog is also remarkably intelligent, energetic and versatile. This breed has a powerful instinct to both guard and protect. It works especially well with those who are young and defenseless.

Because of all these attributes, women have a special fondness for these dogs who are both loyal and sensitive companions as well as protectors. That being said, beauceron is a dominant dog breed that requires both training and socialization.


Boxer, an icon among guard dogs

Among breeds that are good watch dogs, the boxer stands out for his loyalty, affection, intelligence, work ethic and also handsome appearance. This breed is truly an all-in-one. It is a smart and alert dog that is sometimes mischievous, but always brave. The boxer has long been among the most popular dog breeds in America.

Boxer on a meadow.

5. Dobermann

With a magnificent body and a high intelligence, this breed is both elegant and powerful. Doberman Pinscher could undoubtedly belong to the dog’s nobility, if any. This breed, which is extremely brave and vigilant, boasts as one of the best watch dogs in the world.

Doberman pinscher

6. Good watch dogs: Staffordshire bull terrier

This dog is similar to the one that was once used for dog hoarding in England. Today, responsible breeders have selected several traits that make it a breed with a stable temperament, which is good for families.

From its troubled past, the Staffordshire Bull Terrier has retained its muscular but supple body, as well as traits of courage and endurance. Fortunately, good breeding turned this former gladiator into a gentle and playful companion, with a special feeling for children.

Staffordshire bull terriers lie on grass.

7. Thai ridgeback dog

This breed is distinguished by its intelligence, endurance and energy. It is naturally very athletic and has an excellent capacity for jumping. In addition, it has a strong survival instinct and is a loyal family dog.

Today, Thai ridgeback dogs still maintain many of the same instincts as they developed centuries ago: hunting and guarding. These dogs tend to be independent, self-sufficient and seek their own food. They have strong survival instincts, a high predatory drive and a remarkably high level of intelligence.

Thai ridgeback dog is on the list of good watch dogs.

Good watch dogs are loyal companions

It is no wonder that humans, after domesticated dogs, used them to protect both their livestock and their homes. The hallmark of breeds that are also good watch dogs is loyalty. While some develop a special bond with their owners, others develop a bond with the whole family and will protect each member.

Here, however, we must still emphasize that no dog is a tool. Even if you want your dog to act as a protection, each dog has a range of requirements and needs. You should never get a dog for its protection alone. Rather, this should be something that is associated with the interaction between dog and owner.

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