Going Out With The Cat: How To Take Him For A Walk

You should never force your cat to do something he does not want to do. So just take him for a walk if he wants to go out.
Going out with the cat: how to take him for a walk

Is it possible to go out with the cat? The answer is yes, although it is quite unusual. Everyone has seen that dog owners take the dogs for a walk, which is important for them to be able to perform their needs and get some exercise. But cats have no need to go for a walk to do these things. However, going out with the cat is a good way to get him to go out and enjoy nature. But it is important to follow certain guidelines to ensure that both you and the cat have a positive experience.

Going for a walk with the cat can be something fun for both of you. However, you should remember that walking for cats is not necessary. So follow these tips below to make sure it’s a positive experience for both of you to go out and walk.

Make it a habit

Cats like to be free and will usually not like leashes. Therefore, start by letting the cat use the leash from an early age. He will then get used to the leash and not feel uncomfortable when you go out and walk.


One of the most important things is to deworm your cat when you go out and walk with him. Take your cat to the vet and ask for advice. You should also buy a special necklace that repels insects and parasites.

A comfortable harness

It is important that your cat feels as comfortable as possible. In addition to getting him used to wearing a harness, you should also buy one that suits him.

Cat by tree.

Another important factor is the leash. The leash should be long enough so that it does not disturb the animal. However, it should be short enough so that you can pull the cat away if a problem occurs.


Cats are independent animals and do not need to socialize as much as dogs. They do not have to perform their needs outdoors, which is why they do not go out often. It is therefore important that you prepare the cat to leave home.

Once you have obtained a harness, you should first let the cat smell it, look at it and play with it. You can then use it on him for short periods at home until he gets used to wearing it.


When your cat has become accustomed to the harness, you can do a test where you go out with him. Do not try to force the cat to go anywhere. You do not want him to feel stressed or pressured. Remember to reward good behavior when you are out with him.


It is important to make sure that your cat has an ID tag on the leash before you leave home. If the cat gets scared and runs away, others can then find you as the owner. You should also try to warn your cat of any dangers.

Short and controlled walks

The walks should be short and controlled, preferably in quieter areas. Remember that cats are easily frightened, so avoid taking the cat to places with a lot of children or other animals, especially dogs.

Cat in the grass.

During the first walk, you should walk the cat to the door, but let it take the first step. Cats are curious about nature, and will certainly want to go out and see what is there. It is important that you let the cat decide where you go and that you let him decide the route.

Do not force the cat

The most important thing is not to force the animal to do something that makes him feel uncomfortable. It is important to think about the cat’s personality. If he is very scared and reserved, you should not force him.

Taking the cat for a walk can be a fun and unforgettable experience for the animal. Keep in mind, however, that cats and dogs are very different. Cats usually do not need to go out.

Since cats are so independent, it is important that you get him used to this a little at a time, so think about how he reacts.

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