General Information About Animal Rights

Many things in life go to extremes. When it comes to animals, some people abuse them while others treat them like humans. Both positions are bad for both the animal and the owners.
General information on animal rights

In this article, you can read about some general information about animal rights from a global perspective. In Sweden, we have come quite far with these issues, but this is not the case everywhere.

For example, how do you know what the sacred rights of animals are?

Before we go into their rights under the law, let’s examine the harm people actually do to their pets when we treat them as humans instead of animals.

An animal should never be treated as a person

Anyone who loves animals wants them to be happy, feel happy and have a complete life. However, treating them as human beings is a serious mistake. Why?

Do not humanize your pet

Humanization of animals is considered cruel for several reasons:

  • Most animals need a leader . Dogs, for example, are actually herd animals, so if they grow up with people putting them on the same level, they will suffer from a lack of leadership. They will not know what their role is in the household, and it will then cause problems both internally and in the animal’s interaction with others.
  • Excessive pampering is wrong. It is true that affection, petting and cuddling are very necessary for animals, but an excessive amount can spoil them, and it can even cause other necessary instincts to be pushed aside.
  • Stress. An animal that is not treated as an animal will begin to suffer from stress as well as instinctive and emotional deficiencies which will then be very difficult to fix.

Instead of making an animal happy, too much affection and humanization will do the opposite. This will make your pet stressed, unhappy and unbalanced.

Given this, what are the fundamental rights that we must therefore give animals in order to achieve our goals?

Information about animal rights according to the law

Animals have several rights that the law stipulates that humans must follow, and if not, it can result in fines and even imprisonment.

Animal abuse

The following are considered animal cruelty:

  • Not to feed animals in sufficient quantities of high-quality food. This whether it is pets, livestock, etc.
  • To strike them with any tool not intended to stimulate, but rather to punish or strike them.
  • Force them to work for long periods without rest and in adverse weather conditions.
  • Force them to work when they are not physically healthy.
  • To use drugs to stimulate them, unless they are for custody.
  • Use them to tow vehicles that are too heavy for them.


The following are considered cruelty:

  • Vivisection. This is the dissection of a living animal, which is forbidden as long as it has no scientifically demonstrable purpose.
  • Mutilation. Hijacking any part of an animal’s body, whether it is a tail, ears or other extremities, is punishable by law in some parts of the world, where it is also considered a violation of animal rights.
  • Perform any type of surgical operation without motive or without the authority required by law to do so.
  • Abandonment.
  • To kill an animal that is pregnant.
  • To injure, hit or run over an animal
  • Animal fights.

Humanizing an animal can be considered a form of abuse. But it does not free anyone from giving animals the love, affection and respect they deserve.

There must be rules that are governed by common sense that form part of animal rights and may otherwise be punishable by law.

So give your pet its rightful place without humanizing them. Respect its rights and instincts. Love it and take care of it without going to the extreme.

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