Four Dogs That Followed In Hachiko’s Footsteps

The following stories are about dogs who showed loyalty and sacrificed themselves for their owners, even after their death.
Four dogs that followed in Hachiko's footsteps

Hachiko will always be in our hearts because he is a true example of loyalty, love and endless sacrifice. Hachiko’s story is so emotional that a movie was made about him. In this article we will read about other dogs that followed in Hachiko’s footsteps.

Hachiko was a happy dog ​​who lived with his human family and was loved by all. However, he had a special relationship with the man in the house. Since he was a puppy, he had felt his owner’s affection and been pampered and hugged during games and walks.

Every day he went to the train station with him when the owner was going to work. For years, Hachiko had made the same journey: he went from home to the station and returned alone. Then he came back to wait for the owner’s return.

But then the worst happened: one day while Hachiko was waiting at the station, the owner did not return. He had died of a heart attack. Hachiko did not understand why his owner did not come out of the train station doors as he always did.

Waiting for platform

Hachiko returned to the station every day to wait. He was there day and night, even though his family tried to take him home. For ten years he was always in the same place, waiting. Neighbors and passers-by gave him food and water, as well as protection.

Hachiko showed evidence of absolute fidelity.

His story had such an impact on people at the station that they placed a statue  of him there after he passed away. And it is still there today, at the Shibuya station in Tokyo.

Some have their own names, others are unknown, but they all have something in common: a sense of loyalty and love that goes beyond what most people can understand. Here are some dogs that followed in Hachiko’s footsteps.

Dog in hospital
  • Jacinto:  This puppy lived in Pueblo, Mexico, and was one of the victims of a major earthquake, along with his human family. Unfortunately, his owner died in the disaster, but Jacinto refused to leave the pile with debris until the owner was found. Despite the fact that everything has now been cleaned up and rebuilt, the dog remains in the same place in the hope of meeting its owner.
  • Husky:  A husky was sitting in a waiting room at a hospital in Monterrey, Mexico, for several days waiting for its owner. However, the owner had been transferred to another hospital, but no one had informed the dog about it, so he waited there to be picked up.
  • Another dog waited outside a hospital for 14 days after his owner passed away. The dog passed away at the same place where he saw his beloved friend for the last time.
  • Captain: This little dog lived on his owner’s grave for ten years. Although he eventually became 16 years old and ill, he never left his guard post. He was hoping to see his best friend again, and we can only hope that his wish came true somehow…

Self-sacrifice and loyalty

It’s hard not to be touched by these animals that followed in Hachiko’s footsteps. They are incredible examples of self-sacrificing love and loyalty, from which many of us can learn something.

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