Four Different Types Of Covert Animal Abuse

Four different types of covert animal cruelty

Whatever you hear about animal cruelty, it is clear that you know what it means. However, the term extends beyond beating or abandoning a dog. Some types of covert animal cruelty can go unnoticed by both the law and the people around them.

It is obvious that you will instinctively want to go to the police when someone beats or treats an animal badly. However, there are people who treat their dogs in negative ways that are not noticed. Here are some common types of hidden animal abuse:


The abuse that people normally see is usually brutal,  while covert animal abuse is different. Sometimes people abuse their animals because of the strong love they feel for them. For example, some people humanize their animals without realizing it.

They start talking to them as if they were humans, and give them a place on their couch or bed. They bathe and perfume them every day and give them new fashion clothes for the summer and other warmer clothes in the winter. They simply forget that dogs are not humans but animals.

This is a form of covert animal cruelty because the animal must suppress its instincts and not be allowed to unleash its personality. In other words, it can not be itself, but is forced to adapt to the lifestyle of the person who humanizes it.

As a result, it creates a stress response, insecurity and anxiety. It can even become antisocial and cause anxiety disorders because it does not know how to deal with the problematic situation.

Sure, you can pamper your animal and see it as a family member, but never at the expense of the animal.

Abandoned at home

Animal abuse goes beyond being abandoned on the street. Leaving an animal at home alone for many hours every day is another type of covert animal cruelty. The worst is if the animal is locked in a room or left outside in bad weather.

Chain dog

Dogs are social animals and need to give and receive company as well as affection from others. Being alone longer than necessary is an example of cruelty. If you ever see or suspect such a situation  , you can report it to the appropriate authorities.

Not offering adequate care

Many people mistakenly believe that just fixing a roof over your head is enough for the well-being of an abandoned animal. Nothing could be further from the truth. As you know, animals need food, hygiene, affection, exercise and peace.

“Noah’s syndrome” is a psychological disorder that causes people to gather large numbers of animals at home and then not offer them adequate basic care. It is another form of covert animal cruelty that is punishable by law.

In the case of Noah’s syndrome, sanitation can be a problem for neighbors and other people nearby. Although you may not know anyone with this syndrome, you may know someone who does not take care of their animal enough. This is an act that is cruel, even if it is rooted in a good will to help.

Forced labor

Who did not go to the circus when they were little? You may remember being entertained by lions and elephants. Today, people may like to ride elephants in Thailand, camels in Morocco or donkeys in Spain. But have you thought about the conditions under which the animals live? In the vast majority of cases, they are victims of covert animal cruelty.

Elephant at the circus

These animals are often exploited. They spend several hours outdoors in extreme temperatures so that their owners can make money on them. There is a real case where an elephant actually cried after being released from the chains that held him captive for decades. What a horrible reality!

As an animal lover, you should keep an eye out for signs of hidden animal abuse. It is everyone’s responsibility to look after animal welfare and rights. As I said, some people do not even realize that they are treating their animals badly. Do not be a coward – be brave and report every case you see of cruelty to animals!

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