Five Different Quiet Dog Breeds You Will Love

If you want to adopt a dog breed with a quiet nature, there are some very interesting specimens to choose from.
Five different quiet dog breeds you will love

Having a dog does not mean that you have to run around all day to keep it active or constantly have a headache because it does not stop barking. Yes, some dogs are hyperactive, but others are very calm. Although it is not always a matter of breed, there are some quiet dog breeds that you will love.

If you are looking for such a dog, we will tell you a little more about them in this article.

One of the most annoying things about dogs is that they often bark a lot. Barking is how dogs communicate with the world, but although in principle all breeds bark, there are some who tend to be quieter than others.

Why dogs bark

Some breeds are naturally quieter while others bark more. There are also environmental factors that contribute to barking. Some dogs may bark at animals they see outdoors while others bark out of boredom, to get attention or due to separation anxiety.

In reality, all dogs, including quiet dog breeds, need adequate mental stimulation, physical activity, and human interaction to remain happy and not bark unnecessarily. This is important to remember.

Individual temperament also matters whether dogs bark a lot. Some dogs are happy to observe their surroundings and have quick interactions with their owners when they have time left, while others must constantly be at the center of events. They bark to get attention.

With that in mind and knowing that each breed has its individual traits,  we’ll now take a look at silent dog breeds we think you will love.

Silent dog breeds

Although all dogs can be taught to be quiet, some are naturally quiet. These dogs do not require much attention to remain silent, but remember that all dogs can bark in protest from time to time.

Below we list a few of the breeds that bark less than average:


One of the quietest dogs is the pug. Pugs are actually social and friendly companions, and the American Kennel Club describes this breed’s personality as temperamental and charming.

A happy pug - quiet dog breeds

The pug is well known for many reasons. It loves food and likes to take naps. It is a non-violent breed and only barks when it is in danger or when it is very hungry. Furthermore, playful can be replaced with heavy breathing due to its physique.

Silent dog breeds: grand danois

Despite its size  , the grand danois is considered one of the most peaceful dog breeds. These dogs do not have to demonstrate their dominance over others, thanks to their impressive weight and height. They are also one of the most intelligent dog breeds.

Walking grand danois

Its appearance sends a clear message to any threats –  all a grand Dane needs to do is give them a look. You will rarely hear barking from this calm, lovable dog.


The Saint Bernhard dog is one of the cutest and most popular breeds in the world. Despite their gigantic size, these dogs are very peaceful and quiet. They are always looking for new friends and adventures, and are one of the friendliest dogs there is.

Saint Bernhard dogs on the ground

The Saint Bernhard dog is very social and intelligent. It gets along well with the whole family and is especially friendly to children. These dogs are impressive but not threatening.

They keep their distance from strangers in a dignified manner. Their size does not make them suitable for apartments, but they are some of the quietest dogs on the planet.

Shar-pei is one of our quiet dog breeds

Shar-pei is a popular dog to keep as a pet. This breed was used in ancient China as a watchdog, but never barks at this for no reason.

Silent dog breeds: Shar pei

Shar-pei is extremely devoted to his family, but maintains his distance from strangers. It is a quiet, confident dog that seems to develop an intuitive understanding of its owner and family. Shar-pei is also independent and strong-willed.


The Collie is not only one of our quiet dog breeds, but also the most intelligent. These dogs are excellent, quiet companions. They are full of energy and need an outlet for this, but they are extremely calm and easy to train, which means that they are obedient.

A collie in the grass

A well-bred collie is tender, friendly and gentle. It is a family dog ‚Äč‚Äčthat likes to participate in various activities at home. They are especially sensitive to children and like to play with and protect them.

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