Fashion Show For Dogs To Save Abandoned Animals

A fashion show for dogs in Cantabria, Spain, really shows what amazing work volunteers do and how much our furry friends need us.
Fashion show for dogs to rescue abandoned animals

Proceeds from a dog fashion show will help fund five abandoned dog feeding stations in Spain.

The show wanted to encourage people to take issues such as neutering dogs and cats seriously. It is one in the multitude of many projects carried out by people who are aware that the animals need our help.

The collection shown at this dog fashion show was the result of a collaboration between Animal Voices and Wawaw,  and the models included both adopted and abandoned dogs.

Fashion show for dogs in Cantabria, Spain

Dogs on a surfboard

A while ago, an adoption fair was held in Cantabria, Spain, to help abandoned dogs. They even organized a fashion show for dogs to give abandoned animals a second chance.

It was hoped that the event would lead to some of the animals getting new homes.

The activities included said fashion shows, information booths, workshops and competitions. There were also stalls selling sweaters and accessories. The goal was to make the animals visible.

A special association was created to organize the fair and the show. Each animal welfare organization would bring ten dogs  to participate in the show, and one person represented each organization.

At the fair  , anyone who wanted to adopt a cat or a dog could start the process directly at the booth. It was a great success and many animals got new homes to come to.

The benefits of belonging to an organization

Volunteers and assistants to animal welfare organizations can help in many ways. From home, you can post photos of animals on forums or social networks, as well as search for homes for animals.

You can also give publicity to events performed by the associations. You can even print posters and pictures of animals waiting to be adopted, to put up on bulletin boards.

Furthermore, material donations are always welcome, but be sure to first check what the organization or dog stable actually needs first.

Volunteer work at associations

Active participation in an association is also very helpful. You can do this in a number of different ways:

  • Help transport the animals to the vet or new homes.
  • To act as an intermediary between the organization and the new owners.
  • Visit adopted animals, check their new homes, help socialize them, keep an eye on their progress, etc.

You  can also actively participate in the planning  and arranging of events. You can help with the transport of materials and animals and take care of the animals during the event itself.

New centers to benefit abandoned dogs

Running puppy

Many activities revolve around expanding the available spaces for abandoned dogs and other needy animals. An example is the association Felcan.

This organization has come across a piece of land to build a recovery and adoption center. The name of the place will be “Oasis” and has room for 150 dogs and 30 cats.

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