Family-friendly Dog ​​breeds – Dogs That Are Suitable For Children

If you have children or are planning to have children, it is important that you know what there are for family-friendly dog ​​breeds before choosing one. You will feel calmer if the children are dealing with a kind and relaxed dog.

Any dog ​​could have suited your family, but these family-friendly dogs tend to be good choices. The list we take up below is based on statistics from studies concerning how different dog breeds interact with children.

Thousands of years ago, wolves began to approach humans to seek refuge, warm themselves by the fire, and partake of their waste. The two species lived in symbiosis because humans could use dogs to hunt, protect their families and keep them company. Over time, the wolves became more like the dogs we have today.

This gradual transformation allowed humans to start breeding dogs that had special characteristics. Some dogs became better at hunting while others became better at protecting children.

Family-friendly dog ​​breeds see the owner as the leader of the herd and are extremely loyal to their families. For thousands of years, dogs have taken care of and protected young children.

There are no races that will always be “good” or “bad” with children. One dog breed can work well with your family but not with another. You need to think through the will characteristics that you want a family-friendly dog ​​to have.

The most important factor when buying a family-friendly dog ​​is that it should be able to adapt to and tolerate the children’s hyperactivity and curiosity. In addition, the dog should be obedient, caring and learn quickly. It is therefore good that you choose an intelligent dog. Another very important aspect, however, is that you also train and teach your children to treat animals in a respectful way.

The size of the dog is not so significant because the dog’s behavior does not depend on the size. A Yorkshire Terrier can scare a Grand Dane if it only barks loudly enough.

The dog’s behavior is determined to 50% of the breed and 50% of how it has been trained. It is therefore important that each dog is properly trained so that it can live with other people and animals.

Furthermore, you should think about finding a dog that is easy to learn. You should also consider whether it is a lively dog. Dogs that need to exercise several hours a day may not work so well at home and among your family. Some dogs also need more care than others: grooming, special care, etc.

Make sure you start training the dog during the first 20 weeks.

We will now take up a list of family-friendly dog ​​breeds:


German Shepherds are intelligent animals and good family dogs. They learn quickly, are easy to train and love to play with children. German Shepherds are very protective when it comes to children and treat them as if they were their own puppies. These are dogs that require daily exercise, but they have kept families company since the Middle Ages.


The boxer is caring, strong, intelligent and a good watchdog for children. It is a very lively dog ​​that needs daily training and exercise.


The poodle is in some respects the world’s most intelligent dog and is easy to learn. However, you should keep in mind that they often need to be cut and that they must be brushed daily. The poodles come in all sizes, which means that you can choose one that fits well in your particular home. They are also playful, docile and like water.


Beagle dogs are friendly, active and not too big. They enjoy playing with children and need daily walks.

Labrador retriever

This is a classic family dog ​​that is intelligent, faithful and patient. They are easy to learn and are good at obeying commands. This type of dog is usually very lively.

Golden retriever

Golden retrievers are related to the previous dog. They therefore share certain qualities with it, which makes them intelligent, loyal and relaxed. It is easy to teach them. Golden retrievers are not as hyperactive as Labradors, but it is important to take care of their fur regularly.


We probably all remember the movies and series about “Lassie”. Collies are intelligent dogs that are also very docile. They thrive both in the city and in the country. A collie is a good option for anyone who prefers large and protective dogs. They require exercise, regular care of the coat and love to play. Collies are popular family dogs and get along well with children.

Mixed breeds

Not everyone thinks about this, but you can also choose a mixed breed. Most are caring, playful and adaptable. The size of the dog will of course depend on which breeds the dog is a mix of.

The dog breeds that are most suitable for children are those that have a natural aptitude for coexistence, care and obedience. It is important to think about what kind of dog you want and how the breed’s temperament will affect family life. Keep in mind that it is not the animal’s fault if it does not work well in the family. It’s more about finding the right match among these family-friendly dog ​​breeds

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