Facts About Broholmer: A Friendly Molosser

Broholmern is big and friendly, but can be suspicious of strangers. Learn more about the breed here.
Facts about broholmer: A friendly molosser

Below you can learn all the facts about broholmer, the friendly molosser dog. The Broholmer breed originally comes from Denmark and is usually not known outside this area.

This dog breed was on the verge of extinction in the 20th century, but a group of supporters of it devoted themselves to bringing it back.

Fortunately, this breed made a comeback, although it is not extremely popular today.

Facts about broholmer: origin

There are documents that indicate that this breed is very old. There are registers of Broholmer dogs that go all the way back to the Middle Ages.

This breed became very common during the nineteenth century thanks to the Count of Broholm, hence the name broholmer.

Originally, this breed specialized in deer hunting, but it ended up becoming a  watchdog for houses and farms.

During World War II, this breed was on the verge of extinction, but some breeders helped it make a comeback in the 70s.

In connection with this, the breeders created a standard for this breed.

Exemplary copy of broholmer
Image source: Pleple2000

FCI has classified broholmern as part of the 2nd group: molosser. Nowadays it is used as a pet and guard dog.

Facts about broholmer: physical characteristics

Broholmern is a big dog. It can be between 55 and 70 cm in height, and an adult dog weighs about 45 to 60 kg, where the males are slightly larger than the females. It has a look similar to a bulldog.

Its head is broad and square and its nose should be as long as the skull. The neck of this breed is wide and may have some loose skin.

Its lips should also hang slightly and it should have medium-sized, triangular, folded ears. It has a strong and tough physique, and the large muscles in the hind legs should stand out.

Its breasts are broad and deep, and its tail is long and points out like a sword when it rests.

On the other hand , its fur is characterized by being short and coarse. It has a yellow color and a golden red hue with a black mask on the face and on the nose. In addition, it may have white spots on the chest, paws and tip of the tail.

Personality in broholmern

This breed tends to be calm and very confident. But it is a powerful dog that needs both physical and mental training. It is usually friendly but not very enthusiastic.

Because it is a good watchdog, it can be suspicious of strangers. It can become territorial with strangers or with other dogs, but it will always be kind to its human family.

A broholmer in profile.
Image source: Pleple2000

Like almost all large dogs , the broholmer likes to live in a quiet environment and to relax.

It has a personality that is well suited to living in a house or apartment, provided that it is allowed to spend enough time outdoors and get proper training.

Therefore, these dogs can live in a smaller house if they are given the opportunity to go for long walks three times a day.

It should be noted that this breed can be a challenge to train. It is not an unintelligent breed, but it must be trained with positive reinforcement and a great deal of patience.

You can see fantastic results if the dog is trained by someone who is patient and has experience with large dogs.

Care and health

There are no studies that associate this breed with a higher probability of being affected by certain diseases.

But because the broholmer is such a large dog, it is prone to have several of the health problems that dogs over 35 kg usually get.

When visiting the vet, you should check the health of its joints, as the broholmer is prone to getting hip and elbow dysplasia.

It is a good idea to start giving this dog a special diet at a young age, especially one that is good for its bones. At the same time, this breed is also prone to heart problems.

As with other large dogs, you should go to the vet regularly to make sure your furry friend is in good health.

When it comes to taking care of its fur, this breed has short and stiff hair that it constantly sheds. You need to brush regularly and even more during the seasons when it rains the most (spring and autumn).

Is broholmern for you?

In summary, you have to remember that the broholmer is a molosser dog reminiscent of the bulldog.

Although it is very friendly and quiet enough to live in an apartment, you should make sure that it has enough space at home due to its size.

Do not forget that it will need at least two walks every day. If you have enough time and enough space , your broholmer will be a watchdog for your home and a calm companion.

Hopefully you can use this fact about broholmer to decide if one it will fit into your life.

Image source: Ivarr and Pleple2000

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