Extinct Dog Breeds Everyone Should Learn About

Some of these races became extinct during the time of the ancient Greeks, but others disappeared as late as the 19th century.
Extinct dog breeds everyone should learn about

For obvious reasons, we do not know all the extinct dog breeds, and there are many reasons why they do not exist today.

Some were stopped for work while others simply disappeared due to breeding. But thanks to old documents and science, we can get an insight into these lost animals.

Throughout history, humans have been one of the main factors in whether animals have survived (at least during the small part of history we have been active in).

When it comes to domestic animals, the development of work and the idea of ​​pets have played a crucial role.

On the negative side, we have sometimes brought with us exotic animals that have begun to compete for resources with local animals and sometimes even brought with them diseases.

Right now, climate change is a major threat to millions of species worldwide. Unfortunately, this can lead to an increase in the number of extinct dog breeds.

Today, however, we will focus on those who have already disappeared.

Extinct dog breeds from antiquity


Molossus is probably the ancestor of what we today call mastiffs. This is one of the oldest races we know of: both Virgil and Aristotle mention it.

But historians and other experts do not agree on its relation to man in ancient Greece and whether we used it for hunting or guarding.

Molossus became today's mastiff

The African Naked Dog

As the name suggests, this breed had no fur. It also tended to have high body temperature, which is why people used them for warmth while sleeping. They were also thought to have healing properties.

There is a preserved specimen in the Walter Rothschild Museum in England, which proves its existence.

Extinct dog breeds from modern times


The first dog is a breed that resembled a fox with very sharp teeth. Their presence in New Zealand can be traced back to the 18th century, when colonizers arrived with their large canoes.

However, it did not survive through the 19th century because it was mixed with European races. In other words, the purebred specimens simply disappeared.


Historical documents from the 17th century suggest that this dog is the ancestor of both beagles and bloodhounds. Talbot dogs were so important that some pubs and taverns in England still have pictures of them outside.

Talbot is one of history's extinct dog breeds

Paisley Terrier

The name of this breed comes from its origin: Paisley in Scotland. They had long, silky fur and became one of the most popular show dogs in the 18th century

They eventually disappeared because they were used to breed the Yorkshire Terrier. People simply found the new breed more beautiful.

The paisley terrier became the yorkshire terrier

Extinct dog breeds: the turnspit dog

This breed had one of the most unusual jobs in the history of dogs. Because they had such long bodies and short legs (similar to a modern dachshund) they could run around a wheel which in turn turned meat over the fire.

With the advancement of technology  , for obvious reasons, their jobs no longer became necessary,  which led to their disappearance.

These are just some of the many extinct dog breeds that have disappeared over the years. And it will not be the last we miss. Read the article below if you want to know more.

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