Earthquake In Ecuador: Dog Refuses To Leave Home

In humanitarian crises such as those after the earthquake in Ecuador, the animals that die or lose their homes due to this tragedy are often forgotten.
Earthquake in Ecuador: dog refuses to leave home

The dogs’ loyalty to their owners is well known, but it becomes even more apparent in extreme situations. It is therefore no surprise when you read news about a dog that refused to leave its home, which was destroyed by the earthquake in Ecuador.

A video on Facebook went viral when it showed a puppy that remained among the rubble that was once its home in Guayas, one of the provinces most affected by the earthquake.

Dog refuses to leave home

His entire human family with three family members had died in the quake, and neighbors wanted to help him. But the animal refused to eat or drink, and returned again and again to the rubble of the home.

In the midst of this tragedy, it can still be said that the story had a happy ending, because the pet, named Max, was picked up by relatives of the victims and received veterinary help.

However, the story of Max is not the only one where a dog refuses to leave his home that has been destroyed in an earthquake. Facebook also showed us Blackie – a dog found by a photographer. He found it among the rubble where he lived in San Martin de Porres in Ecuador’s capital.

They tried to get the dog to eat but the animal refused. He did not want to leave the area where he used to have his home. A few days later, the photographer returned to the same place. The animal was still there and on the second occasion he accepted the food.

In this case, the furry friend managed to find a new owner. Even though they lost so many material things, they still had each other.

Although they do not receive as much attention, many pets also lost their lives in Ecuador. Others were rescued and some were lost and wandered around the disaster region. There were also those who refused to abandon their destroyed homes.

For that reason, the region’s dog training center RDTC set up two “shelters” for animals affected by the disaster. These places are located in Monta and Pedernales, two of the cities most affected by the earthquake. There you will find a group of volunteer veterinarians, who receive donations that go to the various places to help pets.

Dog and person

The RDTC has the following tasks, among others:

  • Veterinary care, food and water.
  • Trying to find their owner.
  • Finding new families who want to adopt them.

It is worth pointing out once again that solidarity and love manifest themselves primarily in extreme situations. In the case of these pets, it is touching to see how the surviving neighbors look after and protect pets that have lost their human families.

We should not forget the selfless work of these groups of volunteers. They put the best foot forward to save a life. This is a person, a dog, a cat or any other animal that needs help.

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