Duties For Dogs: What Can You Ask Them To Do?

Tasks for dogs: what can you ask them to do?

The dog’s great intelligence allows it to learn a variety of chores. With a little patience and by being consistent, these chores for dogs can become almost automatic. Of course, you need to use positive encouragement to make sure they learn best. It is important for dogs not to do things out of fear. They should be done because they are man’s best friend.

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Everyone loves to see when their pets show their intelligence by learning new things. Dogs can be trained to do many useful things that are easy to teach them. To help you train your dog, you can look at these activities for dogs that are good to start with.

If you decide to teach your dog some chores, you need to start with the basic commands of obedience. These exercises are the first step in training all dogs, whether they are service dogs, sports dogs or family dogs.

They are all common, simple commands such as “stay”, “sit”, “lie down”, “calm”, “come here” and “fetch”. They are the basis of your dog’s training, and they help you teach him more complex things, such as the following chores for dogs.

1. Pick up their own things

Your dog probably loves to have fun with all his toys, but what if he can also pick them up himself? This is a very simple task for dogs, and it is actually very useful for your dog. In addition to helping you keep your home organized, it is also a great way to create a peaceful living environment.

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2. Turn off the lights

The thought of a dog turning off the light with its cunning little paws probably sounds like something out of a movie, but honestly, just a little training is needed. As long as your dog is tall enough to reach the light button, he can definitely learn to do so!

3. Pick up your slippers

There is nothing better than having your dog pick up your slippers when you come home after a long day at work and just want to relax. This activity requires only a little training, and your dog will enjoy doing it and even increase his cognitive skills. Best of all: all dogs can learn to do this, as long as you are committed enough.

4. Close the door

These are good chores for dogs that can go out when you are not home. Depending on how big your dog is, you can teach him to close the door with his paws or head. How? As always, you just need to be patient and use positive encouragement.

5. Pick up the dirty laundry and put it in the laundry basket

This activity follows the same basic principles as teaching your dog to pick up toys. Once he has learned to pick up his toys, he is ready to help you pick up the dirty clothes you put everywhere in the house and put them where they belong.


It is extremely important to be consistent when training your dog. They need to fully internalize your commands, which means you need to be consistent and patient.

you train German Shepherds

If you do not have time to train your dog, you can always use a professional trainer instead.

How long should you train your dog

When you just teach it the basic obedience commands, you can spend about 10-20 minutes a day  practicing with your dog. For the more complex chores, you should spend about 30-40 minutes a day.

The most important thing is not to overwhelm your dog. He will only be distracted, and it will be counterproductive for his training.

How to train your dog

You should practice commands and tricks one at a time. This is the best way to make sure your dog really internalizes them. It is best to spend about 3-10 days introducing and training each command.

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The time it takes for a dog to learn a skill is different and depends on how dedicated you are to teaching your dog. It has been shown that some races learn things more easily. Border collies can, for example, learn a command a day with the right training system.

Positive encouragement is about rewarding the right behavior. This stimulates them when it comes to learning new skills and becoming obedient. It is important to reward your dog and praise him when he does what he is supposed to. This is the best way to get him to learn tricks quickly. He will also become better at learning in general and gain better self-confidence.

You need to give him the reward immediately so he links it to a certain behavior. The moment he does what you have taught him to do, give him a reward.

To avoid distractions, especially in puppies, it is important to find a quiet place to train your dog. It means finding a place that is free from external stimuli, such as other dogs, sounds, music, smells (especially food), etc.

It is important to spend one or two days a week making sure your dog remembers each of the chores you have taught him. Otherwise, your dog may forget commands or confuse them and get confused. Therefore, it is important to train commands regularly to have your dog obey them.

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