Dutch Smoushond: Characteristics And Behavior

This dog was first mentioned in the 19th century, and its job was to chase rats out of stables.
Dutch smoushond: characteristics and behavior

Dutchse smoushond is a relatively new breed. Not much is known about its origin,  but what is known we will share in this article.

This Dutch dog breed originated in the 19th century. They were very popular at that time because they guided horses that pulled carriages. They were also used for hunting and to hunt rats out of stables.

These dogs were recognized as their own breed when a merchant sold some to tourists. He boasted about their ability to hunt small animals and that they were excellent companions. At that time, however, Dutch smous dogs already had decades of life and work behind them, and its actual origin is unknown.

Since the early 20th century, breeders and advocates of the breed have been concerned about its well-being. Strangely enough, it is almost completely unknown outside the Netherlands.

Dutchse smoushond is a medium-sized breed. Both males and females are 35-40 cm tall and weigh around 10 kg. It is generally a robust dog with square proportions, but it is neither heavy nor massive.

A medium-sized dog

Physically  , this breed of fur is its most appealing trait: it is rough and 4-7 cm long. It is a little longer at the cheeks and eyebrows, which makes it look like it has a mustache and very long eyebrows. The coat is also longer on the limbs and can be different shades of yellow.

The head of the breed is square and wide, and the space between the forehead and the nose is very marked. They have tight lips and the nose is wide and dark. The eyes are high on the head, but hang down to the sides and are quite small.

The tail is relatively short compared to other breeds. It stands up and tends to rise in line with the back, but does not growl.

This breed is an extremely friendly animal. It loves to be family friendly and is easy to make happy. They are excellent companions, but not very good as watch dogs.

Dutch peddler on a leash

They have incredibly happy personalities and do not get directly nervous. As I said, the breed’s job was to run alongside horses, which is why they have so much energy. The nature of these dogs makes them want to play and take long walks with the family.

They have personalities similar to terriers. Their instinct to hunt small mammals makes them very brave and stubborn. They are not easily intimidated and do not hesitate to bark if something disturbs or worries them.

Their stubbornness makes them difficult to train with traditional methods. When training dogs with this personality type, it is best to use positive reinforcement (which is actually the case with all dogs).

This approach consists of using positive encouragement and rewards, which will make the dog want to please you, without feeling compelled to follow your commands.

This breed does not shed much fur, so you do not have to worry about having hair everywhere. However, due to its long coat  , you need to brush your dog regularly to remove tangles that can cause skin problems and pain. A brush with wide bristles rather than one of metal is best.

As it is a relatively new and unknown breed, there are not many specific studies on its health. However, there are hereditary diseases in this breed, so it is important to take preventive measures together with a veterinarian.

Dutchse smoushond is a new breed with a great personality,  but very little is known about it outside its country of origin.

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