Dolphin Parks: Freedom Or Prison Cells?

These whales may seem happy when they do pirouettes and (are forced) to play in the water at the dolphin parks. But the truth is that they are deprived of their freedom in exchange for money.
Dolphin parks: freedom or prison cells?

Dolphin parks aim to give us a closer look at dolphins – a fantastic animal that everyone seems to love. They are incredible to witness and always seem to have a smile on their face. But have you considered how much space they have to live in? Have you noticed that they are forced to live outside their natural environment, trapped?

A dolphin park is a set of pools that try to imitate the natural environment of dolphins and killer whales. They also give people a closer look at these amazing whale animals. They are open to the public  if you are willing to pay admission. The animals are then forced to participate in shows and even swim with people who pay extra.

They are also used for breeding as well as research studies. These facilities are normally found in larger zoos, amusement parks or aquariums. The first dolphin park – if you can call it that – opened in New York in 1861.  There were actually two white whales that were kept in captivity so that people could see them.

The first commercial aquarium to display these animals actually opened its doors in 1938,  after which they became popular. The greatest popularity was enjoyed with the TV series  Flipper , where a dolphin plays the main role. It’s amazing how much movies can affect people’s lives!

Dolphins are forced to perform

Obviously, these majestic animals arise from nothing. They are captured from their natural environments so that they can be displayed for money. Dolphin parks are never run by non-profit organizations; quite the opposite actually, because it’s all about making money.

Great controversy therefore arose in the 60s and 70s, when authorities claimed that these institutions took the animals from their natural environment for a single selfish purpose – money.

Despite this, today you can find dolphin parks all over the world. They are very common in countries such as the United States and Japan,  but not as common in countries in Europe, where people are becoming increasingly aware of cruelty to animals.

Dolphin parks offer various shows and performances. On some you can even swim with the animals, which is a dream many have. Many people want to see these friendly animals up close.

Few people think about the fact that dolphin parks take these animals from the wild, their families and members of their herd. Anyone who pays for a ticket to enter these dolphin parks helps fund cruelty to animals.

Kiss the dolphin

There are also a number of dolphins and killer whales in dolphin parks that are the result of breeding in captivity. These animals are denied the chance to develop in their natural environment. This is how they spend their whole lives, away from the flocks they normally would have had and with inhibited instincts.

Dolphins, for example, have to swim hundreds of kilometers every day, which they cannot do in captivity. They were created to live in the wild, and who are we to prevent this?

Dolphins are amazing animals that should be enjoyed in their purest natural environment: in the oceans. There are many beaches and coastal strips where they live, and where you can come across them with a little luck.

There are experts in these areas who organize excursions so that you can see them in the distance, or maybe even swim with them in open water. Dolphins seem to have a special connection with humans,  and often stay if you get close. That is why it is so tragic that we have taken advantage of them.

You may be wondering why they are still being kidnapped if people can see them in the wild, and that’s a good question.

Do not participate in the cruelty that is the kidnapping of these beautiful and intelligent animals, to put them in a prison cell.

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