Dog Breeds That Are Most Likely To Escape: We Have The List

Think what you will about it, but some dog breeds just can not help but try to escape. But not all races feel this desire in the same way. Learn about which dog breeds are most likely to accommodate in today’s article.
Dog breeds that are most likely to escape: we have the list

Would you be able to predict which dog breeds are most likely to escape from home? There are some who are more likely to get through the fence in the garden or dig a hole to sneak out. If you can anticipate this behavior, you can thus prepare yourself to protect your pet from potentially dangerous situations.

We must remember that many figures reported on this topic are based on data from dog collars with GPS trackers. In these cases, most of them are medium to large dogs. As a result, dogs weighing five pounds or less are underrepresented, as these GPS trackers tend to be too large for them.

Why do dogs hold?

There can be many explanations or reasons why a dog escapes. For example, if a dog is afraid of loud noises, it will probably run away from them as far as possible. Other reasons can be a lack of stimuli, that the dog is neglected by the owner or that the animal is left alone for long periods. As a result, the dog may run away to find distractions or new companions to play with.

It may also be that your dog has never learned what not to do. In this case, the dog will repeat the act, as it will probably feel the need to run away at different times.

Dog breeds that are most likely to escape

Scientific studies dealing with dog behavior use a series of standardized tests designed to measure behavioral characteristics. These characteristics may include:

  • General emotional reactivity
  • Responses to leash handling and restrictions
  • The ability to solve problems
  • The ability to learn, including learning to master the impulse to run away and escape
  • Aggressiveness
  • The tendency to bark

Thus, several studies have established that there are clear differences (statistically significant) between the manifestation of these characteristics in different dog breeds. Below we will list some of the breeds that are most likely to escape.

1. Beagle

This breed has an excellent sense of smell and was originally used to hunt prey. Therefore, the beagle has a powerful instinct to follow odors. In addition, its desire to track it often leads astray and therefore places the dog breed beagle at the top of the list of dog breeds that often hold.

Beagle runs with a toy in his mouth.

2. Siberian husky

The Siberian Husky is a large breed of dog that is known worldwide for its love of escape. It literally carries the need to run naturally. If it is not happy with the amount of training it receives, a Siberian husky will therefore very likely take the matter in his own paws.

If you want a dog of this breed, you should remember that it has an intense desire to move and work. This in combination with its digging and climbing ability means that this beautiful creature takes a lot of risks. In addition, dogs of this breed are very active and require a lot of exercise to live happy lives.

Some experts classify this breed as an “ancient breed”, according to its obvious degree of genetic relationship with the wolf. Due to its wilder nature, it has a high tendency to hunt and also escape. In addition, huskies receive low scores in the categories training and development of attachment.

The Siberian Husky is one of the dog breeds most likely to escape.

The Staffordshire Bull Terrier is number three on the list of dog breeds most likely to accommodate

The Staffordshire Bull Terrier is a breed with a stubborn personality that needs strong leadership from its owner, and also a lot of exercise to be happy. With its strength and bulky body, this dog can easily climb up a six-meter fence if something on the other side catches its attention. In addition, the large legs are perfect for digging tunnels under fences.

Stafford terrier sitting on the grass.

4. Jack russell terrier

These small dogs are very mischievous and have been known to cause many problems. This is a breed that needs constant supervision, or at least a lot of space so that it can get rid of its unusually large energy.

What this breed lacks in size, it compensates with in speed, power and courage! These dogs need a lot of exercise because they have a powerful hunting instinct. This instinct causes them to hunt smaller animals, and this in turn makes them natural escapees. In addition, three of their terrier cousins ​​are also on the list of hardy breeders: yorkshire terriers, boston terriers and rat terriers.

The Jack Russel Terrier is one of the dog breeds most likely to escape.

5. Short-haired vorsteh

This dog breed needs proper training. If its owner can provide it with the mental and physical challenges it longs for, a short-haired vorsteh will be a happy dog. On the other hand, if this dog breed does not get enough physical activity, it can become both nervous and destructive. This dog does not like to be alone for long periods. Boredom will drive it to escape.

Short-haired vorsteh at the water's edge.

6. Miniature schnauzer is number six on the list of dog breeds that are most likely to escape

This is a dog breed that has everything in one small package: intelligence, affection, an outgoing temperament, humor and great personality. But this dog also has a tendency to often run away. Therefore, you should keep your miniature schnauzer on a leash when it is not in a fenced area. If this dog sees something interesting, it will chase it, and probably ignore your cries.

A bored miniature schnauzer quickly becomes unhappy. Because it is both intelligent and energetic, it will need a variety of activities and exercises. Be sure to give it both, otherwise it will quickly become destructive and in a bad mood.

Miniature schnauzer

7. Chihuahua

One breed that often runs away from home is the chihuahua. This dog is really good at jumping and its small body size allows it to sneak out of many places. A chihuahua is also difficult to catch once it is on a free paw, as it is very fast!

Some owners mistakenly believe that this breed needs less training, exercise and attention because it is so small. However, this can not be further from the truth. In fact, the chihuahua loves to run and longs for close contact with people. So if it does not get it at home, it will look for it elsewhere.

Chihuahua with his mouth open in a smile.

Most pet owners will experience a dog trying to run away at some point during the puppy period. But few of them become breakout artists as adults. If you take care of your dog’s all necessary needs, you can minimize the risk of your pet escaping.

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