Do You Know What Causes Gray Fur In Dogs?

Learn more about why your dog’s fur turns gray in this fascinating article.
Do you know what causes gray fur in dogs?

Although it is true that gray fur in dogs is related to their age, the occurrence of gray fur can occur earlier than normal due to several different factors.

As with humans, aging is one of the main causes of this affecting our pets. However, it is also possible that it can occur due to premature aging. If a dog is younger than five years old and has a lot of gray fur, it can be a symptom of a health problem. Read on to find out some of the reasons why this happens and when we should be worried.

Premature gray fur in dogs

The most common cause of dog hair becoming gray is aging. But when a young animal begins to get gray fur, we consider it premature aging. There are many reasons for this, but it is usually an indication that there is a problem. In such cases, there may be other symptoms, such as weight loss, lack of appetite or the dog losing fur. In many cases, it is also associated with stress problems, and due to the stress, the dog will also be anxious or aggressive.

Finally, premature gray fur can in some cases also be due to the genes. For example, dogs that are black are more likely to get gray fur early. The dog’s breed is also a decisive factor.

Black dog with gray fur on his face.

Causes of gray fur in dogs

If your dog has grayish fur around his mouth, it is likely that it is gray hairs due to aging. These gray straws also tend to be found on other parts of its body. For example, they can be found around the eyes.

Apart from health issues, dogs begin to lose their original color from a certain age. Normally, it usually occurs at about ten or eleven years of age, but it naturally differs from breed to breed.

The color of a dog’s fur is due to a molecular pigment called melanin that is produced in each capillary in the hair follicles. As a dog ages, its DNA becomes less capable of producing those cells that are responsible for creating melanin.

There are also other hypotheses that explain why gray fur can occur. These hypotheses apply mainly when it comes to gray fur emerging early. For example , hair follicles sometimes produce more hydrogen peroxide than normal. This could result in the coat becoming whiter.

Why do dogs get gray fur too soon?

As previously mentioned, premature gray fur in a dog can be due to several different things. It is important to know and take action in a timely manner to rectify this situation and prevent health problems.

One of the causes of premature gray fur can be a poor diet. Sometimes the discoloration is due to insufficient nutrients. This can occur when dogs do not eat enough meat.

Black and white photo of small dog.

If your pet, in addition to getting gray fur, shows symptoms of hair loss, loss of appetite and weight loss, it may have parasites or something even more serious. If these symptoms occur, you must take them to a veterinarian for treatment. Above all, stress is the main reason why gray fur occurs early in dogs.

Dogs and stress

There is a very close relationship between premature gray fur in dogs and anxiety. It is important to pay attention to these signs. This way you can make the necessary changes for the well-being of your pet. Anxiety and stress in dogs can usually be manifested by having broken things when left alone at home.

This psychological condition also tends to lead to hyperactivity even after a dog has had exercise. It is impossible for it to be calm, it is permanently extremely nervous or jumps on people.

Dogs can become anxious when they spend a lot of time at home alone or when they are not allowed to get out enough. They can also be very stressed when living with people who are very stressed and if they live in a very tense environment.

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