Discover How To Prevent Separation Anxiety

Dogs feel very bad when their owner leaves the house, even though it is a normal part of the daily routine.
Discover how to prevent separation anxiety

Even if the owners go to work every day, animals can still suffer from what is called “separation anxiety”. It is more visible in some breeds than in others, and therefore we want to give you advice on how to prevent it.

The bond we have with our pets is very strong. They look at us as leaders, and therefore they do not abandon us, not even for a minute (therefore it is normal for your dog to follow you to the toilet).

When we go shopping, work or gym, we can therefore observe that the animal behaves in a strange way. It is even possible that you hear him barking or howling from the street.

Since dogs are distant relatives of wolves, their natural instincts say that it is better to live in herds. They therefore feel depressed, stressed and anxious when they are alone. So they break furniture, bite into things, dispose of where they should not…

Pay attention to these tips to prevent separation anxiety:

Take him for a walk

Take a walk in advance

Before you go to the office, you can take a quick walk with your pet so that he gets tired and gets an outlet for his energy. That way, he will not be as awake during the day and become calmer. Do not forget to leave plenty of food and water so that he can recover from the walk.

The idea is that the dog should be in “sleep mode” when you are at work.

2. Establish a routine

Before leaving the house, you should do basically the same things: pick up the keys, turn off the lights, pull up the blinds… In this way, the dog will associate these things with your departure and be more prepared. This ritual is recommended every time you leave the house (even if it is only short).

3. Do not give the dog too much attention

Many people make the mistake of getting too close to their pets. They kiss them, talk to them and pamper them for a few minutes before they leave. However, this is not good for the animal as it will associate it with separation.

Assure therefore that he understands that it is a normal and routine situation. Do not say “do nothing stupid, I will be back soon, do not miss me too much, take care of the house” and all the things we normally say.

4. Say goodbye in advance

This means that if an hour passes between you getting up and walking away, you must visit and play with him around 20 minutes before you go. In this way, you show that you love him, and he will not think that you are abandoning him. Nothing will happen if you go without saying hello then.

5. Push feelings of guilt aside

When you feel that everything is ready for departure , you should block all negative thoughts that make you feel like an evil person because you leave the dog alone. No nervousness, sadness, worry or guilt. Remember that you are the one who has the control and authority in the relationship.

A calm leader makes the flock calm and secure.

6. Get him used to it a little at a time

Dog waiting at home

A good way to avoid separation anxiety is to go through a transition period. For this to work , the dog must be alone longer and longer each time, so that he gets used to it.

For example, you can start taking a walk around the neighborhood, then drink coffee, then go shopping and continue gradually that way until you reach the 8-10 hours required when you work.

7. Relax after you get home

When we open the door after a long day, the first thing we see is a happy waving tail, some hope and some shells. But even if it is difficult , you should wait until the dog calms down before you greet it. Otherwise, she will think you are supporting this behavior.

8. Do not punish her

Dogs associate punishment and rewards with what they do. For them, separation anxiety is not a choice. If she destroys something, she will therefore not understand what she has done wrong no matter how much you scold her. She will actually think she is leaving alone as punishment.

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