Discover A Concert For Dogs, The First Ever!

Fantasía Canina was Spain’s first concert for dogs ever. This unique event started in Spain already in 2016 as a tribute to man’s best friend.
Discover a concert for dogs, the first ever!

Fantasía Canina was Spain’s first concert for dogs ever. This unique event was first held in Spain as early as 2016 as a tribute to man’s best friend. Today we will tell you all about this fantastic idea.

Fantasía canina, a very special concert for dogs

Animal-friendly concert in Spain.

The idea for this event came from the composer, percussionist and percussionist Jesús Salvador Chapi. His goal was to organize and hold Spain’s first ever concert for dogs, using sounds that can only be heard by dogs. You could say it was an ultrasound concert.

When it came to getting an okay for the project, officials announced that they “loved the idea.” This special concert took place in Senyera Park in Valencia, Chapi’s hometown, and the place where he first got the idea for the event. The concert area was measured at over 9,000 square meters, enough space to accommodate over 150 dogs and their owners.

There are many other concerts where dogs can accompany their owners, but this concert was different. This time it was the owners who came with their pets. In fact, the people had to pay 2 EUR (just over 22 SEK) to enter, while dogs were allowed to enter completely free of charge.

Health and Safety

Despite the festive occasion, the owners still had to follow certain health and safety rules. All dogs must be tethered and all “dangerous breeds” had to carry muzzles and be kept under constant supervision. The right to refuse entry to aggressive dogs or those who did not follow the rules was also reserved.

The city’s event coordinators said they hoped the event would promote alternative styles of music by bringing them to the public space. And what better audience than man’s best friend? There is no doubt about it, this unusual project was a really special tribute to our four-legged comrades.

Tributes to animals from around the world

Dogs in concert hall with their owners.

Dogs have been man’s best friend for millennia and dog lovers are always looking for new ways to make dogs feel special, even if it’s just for a day. Spain’s concert for dogs is no exception.

Festivals around the world

  • Tihar – Light Festival, Nepal : Dogs have an important place in the Hindu religion. Festival of Lights is an event where people pay tribute to dogs and other animals. They paint the foreheads of all the animals they think deserve glory by giving them a little red dot in the middle of the forehead. They also feed them special foods and even hang wreaths around their necks.
  • International Dog Day, USA : In the USA, they have a special day just for dogs. Owners are allowed to bring their dogs to work so that they can spend the day together, and also so that they can get to know other dogs. This event takes place every year on June 24, and no employer can stop pets coming to work that day.
  • Tombili, Istanbul’s beloved cat : There are also days when people pay homage to a special animal. This is the case with Tombili, the famous cat in Istanbul. She rose to fame after a photograph where she was sitting and relaxing on a step went viral on the internet. When she died, the city commissioned a statue in her honor and recreated her famous pose.
  • International Cat Day : This day was created by Bill Clinton to honor his cat, Socks. Socks stole not only his owner and his family’s heart, but also the love of people throughout the United States. International Cat Day marks the day Socks died.

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