Did You Know That Dogs Watch TV?

Did you know that dogs watch TV?

Many of us view our pets as family members. They accompany us in many of our daily activities, so it is no wonder that they also sit with us on the couch in front of the TV. Although it is scientifically proven that dogs watch TV, the question is: what do they watch and what catches their attention the most?

Researchers at the University of Central Lacashire in the UK tried to clarify the answer to these questions. The investigation revolves around a report called Is my dog ​​watching TV (does my dog ​​watch TV?). To confirm that dogs also watch TV, tracking techniques were used with methods similar to those that analyze the human eye.

Dog watching TV

The studies found that dogs, just like their owners, are not indifferent to TV shows and that they also have a preference for the type of content they watch. Among the conclusions reached by these experts, we find the following:

  • Dogs prefer programs that include members of their own species.
  • Their attention is divided and short. Generally only a few seconds.
  • The barking or barking of other dogs on TV especially catches their attention.
  • They are also interested in hearing commands or screams from people.
  • To see what they are interested in , they usually sit a few decimetres from the screen.

At this stage, we should remember that dogs look at the world very differently than we do. Dog vision is dichromatic because they have two types of color receptors. These cells only capture yellow and blue.

Furthermore, dogs’ eyesight is more sensitive to movement than our own. It makes one suspect that the higher image update of modern TV screens is one of the reasons why dogs have become increasingly interested in watching TV.

Older equipment has fewer frames per second and does not manage to capture the attention of our furry friends in the same way. Because their eyes capture images faster than humans, TV has so far looked very choppy.

Interestingly, some of the conclusions reached by the study in Britain a long time ago on the other side of the Atlantic were accepted. In 2012 , Dog TV was launched in the United States. It is a pay channel exclusively for dogs. The creators got the idea to help dogs that are left alone at home.

According to those responsible, these programs are tailored for dogs from a visual and acoustic perspective. The idea is to stimulate, relax and entertain them to reduce stress and separation anxiety.

If you want to watch Dog TV, there are some videos available on Youtube.

Puppy on shoulder

So if you did not know this before, do it now. Like all other members of the family, dogs also like to watch TV. This is just another reason to spend more time with your pet. But remember that your furry friend will not be interested in news or comedy series if they do not include other dogs.

So be careful! Do not use this information as an excuse to stop giving your dog attention. The TV will not replace walking, playing and cuddling. Dogs watch TV just like us, and just like us, they are not allowed to spend all day with it.

All in moderation.

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