Collars Or Harness: What Is Best For Your Dog?

Necklace or harness: what is best for your dog?

One of the first questions that owners ask themselves when adopting a dog is whether to use collars or harnesses for the dog. There are many different opinions regarding what is best, so those who have just become dog owners for the first time will need to keep this in mind as they try to figure out what is best for their dog.

We will address the pros and cons below:

Many people choose harnesses because it is trendy nowadays, but they have used necklaces all the time, so why change it now?

Dog walking with owner


Not all dog owners think about whether they should choose a collar or harness, but are instead distracted by all the different colors there are to choose from and think that it is best with the proven collar.

There are muscles and bones in the dog’s neck that can be damaged and thus cause problems. The dogs can suffer from muscle spasms, neurological problems, breathing difficulties and problems with the thyroid gland if the neck is injured, which can happen if the owner pulls too much on the leash.

Some owners are cruel to their dogs and keep them constantly tethered as a form of punishment, which damages their necks. Some owners even “train” the dog and punish it by pulling hard on the leash. This is completely unnecessary, and the dog does not even understand what you want; it will not learn anything.

Some use very short leashes. If the dog wants to socialize with other dogs, a short leash can prevent him from visiting them. He will then begin to associate the walk with something negative and will not want to go out anymore.

We only recommend collars for relaxed dogs that are easy to obey commands and that do not pull on the leash. If the dog is active and lively, you should not use a short leash.


Let us now look at the benefits of harnesses. Selenium is undoubtedly less harmful to dogs because the power is distributed along the entire dog and does not damage the neck.

Make sure that the harness is made of a material that allows the dog’s skin to breathe. Adjust the harness so that the force is distributed along the body and does not damage the joints or spine. In addition, the harness should not cover a large part of the dog’s body.

Make sure that the harness is not too tight in the armpit. The friction from the harness should not hurt or damage the skin. A harness should always sit around the chest and never around the neck.

The dog should have a harness that is the appropriate size. If the harness is too big, he can climb out of it, and if it is too small, it can stop the blood flow.

Two dogs on a leash.

The harness is undoubtedly better than the necklace as long as it fits properly. Selenium spreads the force along the body and the risk of injury is therefore less.

If you choose a necklace after all, you should make sure that it is padded and does not tighten at the neck. Choose one that suits the dog’s personality and behavior!

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