Chihuahuas Are More Aggressive Than Pit Bull Terriers

Chihuahuas are more aggressive than pit bull terriers

For many years, the pit bull terrier has been considered one of the most aggressive dog breeds. Nevertheless, a study shows that these dogs are significantly calmer than chihuahuas. That’s right. Yet chihuahuas are usually known for their small size and neurotic nature.

The website Dognition recently published a study that measured the dog’s aggressiveness in different situations. Aggressiveness in relation to known and unknown individuals, children, known and unknown dogs of different sizes, etc. was also examined.

Of all the breeds studied , chihuahuas were the most aggressive. This was also true when compared to dogs they had never met before. But this study offers even more surprises. This study showed that the pit bull terrier is one of the least aggressive breeds.

These results show that our long-term belief about pit bull terriers has been proven wrong. The Pit Bull Terrier is a relatively calm breed. At the same time, the Chihuahuan proved to be the most neurotic and ferocious breed. The study evaluated dog aggression in different situations. For example, some were with familiar or unfamiliar people, children or with other dogs. A total of four thousand dog owners participated in the study.

It is also an interesting fact that among the 35 most common dog breeds, the chihuahua proved to be the most aggressive and neurotic. This aggression was most extreme in interactions with larger dogs.

The study also emphasizes that chihuahua owners rated their dogs as only moderately aggressive . But it was clear that they were much more aggressive compared to other dogs. The study also points out that prejudices against pit bull terriers are worse than expected because many confuse the pit bull terrier with other breeds.

Collecting data like this is important to help overcome prejudices against certain races. It is also important that owners of pit bull terriers do not project this aggression towards their dogs. After all, it can lead to owners becoming more aggressive towards their pets.

A dog’s behavior depends a lot on growing up. It is said that a dog absorbs the owner’s behavior and attitudes as well as how the owner acts in certain situations.

This social stigma against pit bull terriers is nothing new. Their reputation as dangerous has arisen through both political and cultural conditions. The Russian author Dostoevsky also called the pit bull terrier a “terrible beast”.

The media also helps to dilute existing prejudices against pit bull terriers. For example, a woman was attacked by a pit bull in 2008 and had to be hospitalized. This event generated 230 articles and dozens of television reports, both in national and international news.

A few days before, a mixed breed dog killed a 16-month-old boy and it was only reported twice by the local newspaper. Many people think that the biggest dogs are the most aggressive or wild. Instead, the little ones are suspected of being the most loving and calm.

This common notion has led to the introduction of specific legislation on pit bull terriers in 900 cities around the world. The rules range from having to get a muzzle to having to exercise euthanasia on pit bull terriers.

In addition to being an adorable dog, this is an intelligent, restless and curious companion. Chihuahuas will offer a universe of love to those who care for them. This breed is originally from Mexico, especially around the Chihuahua region.

The Chihuahuan as a breed, like other breeds, does not have a fixed personality. Depending on how it is trained and brought up, it can vary from loving and tender to a somewhat malicious and cunning. Chihuahuas are intelligent and attentive, and enjoy getting what they want.

In addition, chihuahuas are brave and faithful despite their small size. They are very devoted to their family and are always alert and restless, as well as vigilant against any intruders. Sometimes they tend to envy others who take the owner’s attention.

Chihuahuas are usually unaware of their small size. This can lead to them standing up to humans or dogs that are much larger than themselves. Usually they do this to defend their property or owner.

In conclusion, we want to point out that no dogs are born to be aggressive and violent. Their personality is a reflection of the treatment they receive from their owners and other people. All dogs can become aggressive if they are treated badly, and all dogs can be the most tender creatures in the world if we take care of them properly.

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