Cats’ Whining: Everything We Know About It

A cat’s howling, which can include up to 70 different sounds, is there to communicate what they want. They can communicate with their owners thanks to their great intelligence and sensitivity.
Cats howling: everything we know about it

Cats are very intelligent creatures that know how to make themselves understood  among other cats, other animals and especially their owners. Today we are going to learn a little about cats’ howling, which is one of many ways they communicate.

Learn how cats communicate

To understand what they want, or that something has happened to them, owners must pay attention to the cats’ body language, facial expressions  and the animals they emit. This is how you can see if the cat is angry, scared or comfortable.

But howling is not the only animal  Felis catus  can use; the cats’ language also consists of spinning, hissing, snoring, grunting and even an expression reminiscent of crying.

Those who have spent a lot of time with cats know that they all have their distinctive personality. All cats are different, and this is not least evident in the way they moan.

Language that adapts to circumstances

Contrary to many people’s beliefs  , howling is not just a form of communication that cats use with humans. They also use it with other cats and other animals.

Jamar to get in

Ethologists  , however, claim that these ugly animals know how to manipulate humans with their howling. Cats can choose the right “jam” to get what they want from the people they share a home with.

The truth is that thanks to their intelligence and sensitivity  , they can learn to make themselves understood by animals and family members. Cats’ howls come in different tones, volumes, strengths and lengths according to the situation in question.

Reasons why cats howl

It is estimated that cats can emit between 60 and 70 different “jams”. Through them, they express feelings, needs and desires. Cats moan for the following reasons:

  • As a way to greet  and show joy when they see their people.
  • When they take possession of food,  when you open the door for them, etc. In these cases, they start with a gentle yelling that can become more persistent and even angry if they are not noticed.
  • When they do not want to be disturbed. This howling is a bit of a horse, and the cat will also make snores while making its body small.
  • If they want to be pampered. In this case, they make short, soft noises and rub their heads against the owner. They also tend to spin.
Angry cat moans

Howling among other cats

In addition to their relationship with humans, cats also howl when:

  • They communicate with their young. Both cats and their kittens use this sound for various reasons (if the cubs are lost, hungry, etc.).
  • The females run. Female cats moan at full volume and repeatedly to attract males.
  • They want to threaten other individuals before or during a fight. In this case, the volume and strength of the yawn is really scary.

More details about cats howling

It is normal for some cats to moan more than others, but you may also notice that your cat has a strange, unique sound. If so, you should find out why and try to fix the problem. If required, you can book an appointment with the vet.

Some other reasons why cats express themselves with howling:

  • Boredom: when they do not get enough exercise or play, they can start walking around the house and yelling in a loud, repetitive way.
  • Fear or stress:  certain situations can change the animal’s behavior – an environmental change, loss of a loved one, aggression against other animals, among others. They moan to express what is happening to them.
  • Disease. Many cats make no noise in these circumstances, but some will yawn uncontrollably.

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