Cat Breeds That Behave Like Dogs

Raising a kitten with a relaxed dog companion not only helps them overcome their fear of dogs, but can also make them more social.
Cat breeds that behave like dogs

Believe it or not, there are actually some cat breeds that behave like dogs and they show some clearly dog-like behavior patterns. For example, they may be more sociable than other cats and enjoy spending a lot of time with their owners. You can also see this sociability in their body language and you can also strengthen it through exercise.

There is a deep-rooted belief that all cats are independent and independent beings. In fact, they are often considered the polar opposite of dogs. But not all domestic cats agree with these stereotypes. Many people love to play, come when you call on them and they even like to play in water.

One of the most common similarities between dogs and cat breeds that behave like dogs is the range of facial expressions, including how they move their ears. Tail movements and posture are also important indicators of their mood and well-being. In addition, both species are characterized by an incredible sense of hearing and smell, which is important for both recognizing and communicating with other animals.

Cat breeds that behave like dogs

Although all cats can behave like a dog, whether due to genetic or environmental reasons, some breeds are more likely to do so than others.

  • The Abyssinian : Ethologists define the breed Abyssinian as the perfect cat for those who are more used to handling dogs. It is energetic, sociable, plays fetch, follows its owner around the house and often likes water. With the right kind of training, it can even learn to walk on a leash.
Cat of the breed Abyssinian
  • Ragdoll : The breed ragdoll is known for its lovable and sociable nature, and is also a playful animal. Its most notable feature, however, is the tendency to become completely disloyal and relaxed when picked up and petted. This is the perfect cat breed for households with other animals.
  • Turkish Angora : Of all the cats on this list, the Turkish angora is perhaps the most similar to a dog. It is playful, loyal and sociable. Not only that, it loves to be the center of attention and enjoys meeting new people. And, to top it all off, it’s also a great swimmer.
  • Maine Coon : One of the largest breeds of domestic cats, the Maine Coon, is often larger than many small dog breeds. It is loyal, playful and will even play fetch with its owners. However, it can be cautious towards strangers.

Encourage the dog-like behavior of cats

Although there are some cat breeds that naturally act like dogs, there are also some ways in which you can encourage this sociable behavior in your pet:

  • Agility and memory training. Although it may take more time than it would with a dog, many cats can learn to listen to their name and even play fetch. Clicker training often gives the best results. In this way, the cats begin to associate certain behavioral patterns with specific sounds.
  • Take your cat for a walk. Some cats respond positively to walking on a leash. It is best to take walks in quiet places where there are no dogs.
Cat on a leash walk.
  • Raising cats with dogs. Kittens raised with dogs are more relaxed and receptive to the attention of their owners, and they often imitate the dog’s behavioral patterns. The more human contact a kitten has during the first months of life the more social it will grow up to become later in life.

However, it is important to understand where the line goes for each species. When it comes to walking on the litter box or learning a lot of tricks, you can not expect cats to act exactly like dogs.

Finding out which cat breed best suits your lifestyle is crucial for your cat to thrive. It is also important to be aware that our pets’ personalities often reflect the daily environment in which they live.

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