Can A Dog Fulfill Its Needs In A Cat Box?

Yes, as long as you use the right sand, place the box in the right place and use a command to train the dog.
Can a dog fulfill its needs in a litter box?

Many dog ​​owners really love their pets, but having to go out several times a day just to pee can make one wonder if dogs can fulfill their needs in a litter box just like cats. Would you like to know if this is possible?

Note, however, that a dog still needs to get plenty of exercise every day. Having a dog crate is not an excuse not to go for a walk.

Yes it is. Dogs are even easier to train than cats. They can learn almost anything as you teach them, and so does this. So how do you do that?

Buy a litter box

The first step is to buy a litter box that is large enough for your dog and that is made of a durable material. Keep in mind that it should not be too high, as dogs often scratch the ground after performing their needs.

If you choose a litter box that is too deep and puts in too much sand, the dog will surely mess with it. If it is the right amount, the dog will instead have more freedom to move and will not hurt himself.

Buy sand for dogs

Sand for dogs is different from cat sand. Its pellets are larger and absorb more. You can choose different shapes and materials. Remember to never buy cat litter for your dog, as it has an odor that can be annoying to your dog.

Box of sand for dogs.

Putting bicarbonate in the bottom of the box every time you fill it is a good way to prevent bad smells. You will definitely notice the difference.

Put it in the right place

The dog’s box should be in a place where it spends a lot of time, but not in a visible area. Believe it or not but dogs do not like to be looked at as they do their needs. Of course, you should also not place it near their food bowl and water because then they will never use it. They are good at distinguishing between these two things.

Give the dog a command

In order for the dog to use the box, you must give it a command. Put the dog in the box and use a short command to tell it what you want it to do, such as “use the box”.

Let the dog sit in the box for a few seconds. Then lift the dog out and then put it back again. Repeat this several times. Then try to get the dog to go to the box by using only the command. Make sure the dog understands that this is a safe place where he can fulfill his needs.

Do not punish the dog

It is normal for the dog at first to not understand what the purpose of the box is, so it will probably continue to perform its needs outdoors. If this happens, you should not punish the dog. Instead, be patient and always talk kindly to it.

Training of the dog.

If the dog pees outside the box, clean with a newspaper which you then put in the box. The animal will attract the dog the next time it needs to fulfill its needs.

Pay attention to the dog and use positive reinforcement

If your pet eats at a certain time, it will probably also fulfill its needs at a certain time. When you notice that the dog needs to do this, say the command you have taught it, so that it uses the box. You can also pick up the dog and put it directly in the box.

It will then learn that the box has a purpose, and will then use it in the future. It is also good to try to teach the dog with some dog candy.

You will notice that it is possible to let the dog perform his needs in a box. The best part is that you will only need a simple command to train the dog. Be patient and use positive reinforcement and it will go well!

Again, however, we would like to point out that dogs require several long walks each day to feel good.

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