Breeding Canaries – Everything You Need To Know

The reproduction of these small birds requires attention to factors such as cage, diet, breeding season and nest building.
Canary breeding - everything you need to know

Canaries are valuable animals that have some of the finest voices in the animal kingdom. No wonder many people want to breed canaries. Have you ever considered it yourself? In that case, just write down the following tips.

As in any other reproductive process, certain aspects of canary breeding must be completed in order to be successful. But it’s not complicated at all. Just pay attention and follow the instructions below.


The cage is very important and the basic element in breeding canaries. You need to choose one that has enough space for the birds to move freely in it,  but also make sure that it does not take up too much space so that it becomes difficult to keep clean.

The birds not only need space to move, but also enough space to build nests for their young. Two screens are necessary – a metal grille and an opaque one – to prevent other birds from looking at the nest and offer privacy during mating.

The cage must always be  clean and well maintained. Try to clean the base plate daily and the food and water bowl at least twice a week. The cleaning will assure you that future chicks will not get any infections or diseases.


Bird seeds are the basis of a canary’s diet. In addition, a mix of cereals and  some fruits and vegetables  twice a week should also be included. Likewise, squid bones and sand should be part of the canary’s diet,  these should be constantly available to the bird.

Different bird seeds

Of course, the  chicks will need breeding paste when they hatch, for example made from bird seeds and vegetables. Broccoli is one of the recommended foods. It has great nutritional value for newly hatched chicks.

Preparation for nesting

Light is a crucial factor in breeding canaries. The breeding season usually starts between February and March. The canaries mate around 20-30 days later.

Once separated, you must give them breeding paste so that they become accustomed to the taste and smell  before the new family members are born. Likewise, you need to give them more calories and vitamins especially to the expectant mother. She will need more energy than before.


Since the mother is not in her natural environment, it will be difficult for her to make her own nest. So you have two options:  either you make sure she has all the materials so she can build one or you buy a finished one.

Even if you decide to buy one  , you have to make sure  that the mother has access to goat hair. She will use it to make a kind of bed for the eggs. This will help keep them warm and make the chickens feel comfortable after birth.

Freshly hatched cubs

The eggs

An egg will be laid every day. Normally, a maximum of six eggs are laid, but there are exceptions. When you see the first egg, it is recommended that you replace it with a plastic egg. Put the right thing in a container with bird seeds and turn it over every day.

Do the same with the other egg until you have around four. Then put back the real eggs so that the mother can incubate them. This will prevent some from hatching before the others and become bigger and stronger – in this way everyone will hatch at the same time.

These are the steps to breed canaries. These birds have a wonderful singing voice and are perfect pets. Do not want to get one?

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