Body Dog: Take A Look At The First Gym For Dogs

In this article, we will talk about Body Dog, the first gym for dogs, and what they can do to help your dog lose weight.
Body Dog: Take a look at the first gym for dogs

How many times have you realized that your dog is overweight, but did not know what to do because you do not have time to take the dog out for long walks? Well, now a solution has emerged in Bogotá, Columbia. The solution is spelled  Body Dog  – a gym for dogs. Want to know more about the gym and what they do? Read on!

Body Dog: the first gym for dogs

Is it only for overweight dogs?

If your dog is a little on the rounder side, it can have all sorts of causes. One of them is that the dog exercises too little. Animals also need to train their bodies! Diet is not the only thing that matters when trying to get the dog to maintain a reasonable weight.

You must also make sure that the dog does healthy activities that prevent it from becoming overweight.

A dog that trains at the Body Dog gym.

A group of trainers in Bogotá, Columbia, founded the first gym for dogs, Body Dog, to help owners keep their pets healthy and lose weight if needed. They also make sure to give the dogs the kind of training they do not always get from their owners. Owners who are either too busy, can not or do not want to be more physically active. 

But it is more than just a place for weight loss. The trainers also have various programs for physical fitness, muscle strength and rehabilitation for dogs who have been in an accident or suffered from a serious illness.

The gym has machines and other exercise equipment such as stairs, obstacles to jump over, balls of many different sizes, treadmills, tunnels and so on. They create a training routine for the dogs, along with rewards. The dog can also be brushed, get a hydromassage and learn relaxation techniques. Body Dog also offers a service with training for puppies. 

To train with a dog?

The Colombian Body Dog: a gym for dogs is thus designed entirely for dogs. The owners are “not invited” (they can watch, but not attend). But we know that most of our readers do not live in Bogotá, so is there anything you can do yourself if you can not send your dog to a gym? The simple answer is that you can train with the dog yourself! Here are some of our favorite suggestions:

Jogging and running

Start by walking fast and then increase the pace. Make sure you use a leash so your fur coat stays with you. In some cases, it is rather the owners who have to get in shape to be able to hang out with their dog (especially if it is a puppy).


If you have one of the breeds that loves water (like a Golden Retriever), then you can use it to your advantage. Take the dog to the beach or buy a pool (like a children’s pool). Throw some toys in the water and let the dog chase after them.


At Body Dog, dogs also train outdoors.

Throwing a ball or a stick is a perfect way to get your dog moving. Show it that it has to run after everything you throw and then take it back to you. Remember: it is not true that an old dog can not learn new tricks. Whether your dog is a puppy or an adult, you can always teach it to run after things. 

Depending on the breed, the dog probably likes some games better than others. Here is a very simple list of which dogs tend to like certain types of games:

  • Get things:  Labrador retriever, golden retriever, cocker spaniel, beagle, mastiff and newfoundland dogs.
  • Tug of war with teeth:  Fox terrier, yorkshire terrier, bull terrier, scottish terrier, jack russell terrier, west highland white terrier and pit bull terrier.
  • Football:  Border Collie, Corgi, German Shepherd, Belgian Shepherd, Pointer, Spanish Water Dog

Find out what your dog likes best and try to make it a part of the week’s routines. The best thing about it is, in addition to your dog staying healthy and not becoming overweight, the training is great for you as well. You are out in the fresh air, you run, you have fun and you have fun with your best friend. Is there anything better?

Image source: Body Dogs Facebook page.

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