Behaviors And Characteristics Of Dwarf Markets

The dwarf markets are the smallest primates in Africa. There are only two species of this monkey and they are found in Central Africa.
Behaviors and characteristics of dwarf cats

There are many interesting features of dwarf cats, but not everyone knows them. Unfortunately, those in Europe still fall victim to illegal smuggling.

Dwarf markets and their characteristics

There are two different types of dwarf market cats and they come from the genus Miopitchecus . These monkeys live in Central Africa. There are two types: the southern and the northern dwarf cat.

The two small primates weigh just under 1 kg and are 40 cm long. This makes it the smallest monkey in Africa. However, there are several silk monkeys in South America that are significantly smaller.

They are reminiscent of ordinary markets, but are much smaller. The markets can weigh between 6-8 times more than this little African primate. It has a brownish coat with green elements, especially at the back and head.

Its monkeys lack fur on their faces, making it easy to see their facial expressions.

Characteristics of dwarf cats

The cubs are born after five months. Only six weeks after birth can the pups eat solid food. It is common for primates to have only one offspring and the females are known to take good care of their young.

These animals can live 20-30 years, especially if they live in captivity.

Behavior and characteristics of dwarf cats

The dwarf markets live in groups of 100 individuals. All of these individuals usually sleep together up in the trees.

During the day, however, they split up when they go out and look for food. They then avoid conflicts regarding the food they encounter.

The groups have many males and females. It is a species that lacks territorial behavior and uses a large number of vowels to communicate. However, there are other monkeys that have a larger repertoire.

Dwarf market cats are omnivores, which means that they eat fruit and seeds, but also aquatic plants, eggs, insects and invertebrates. They also eat small rodents and birds, but not as often.

Both species live in trees, but the southern one seems to spend more time on the ground than the northern one. Researchers believe that this has to do with differences when it comes to resources in each species’ ecosystem.

Monkey sitting on branch.

The natural habitat of dwarf markets

There are also other interesting characteristics of dwarf cats. They are primates that like to stay in trees. It is a diurnal animal that only lives in forests and thick jungles.

It is one of the primates that has no problem getting wet and is easy to swim when it is looking for food. These monkeys therefore often live near water.

The northern variant lives in the coastal areas of Cameroon, Equatorial Guinea, Gabon and Congo.

The southern monkey lives in something called Miombo , which is a savannah with trees in southern Africa. It is found on the southern part of the Congo River and Angola.

The dwarf markets are not endangered, but at the same time they are not protected against illegal smuggling. As they are so small, they can easily be caught and sold in Europe as pets.

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