Become A Hero For An Abandoned Animal

Become a hero for an abandoned animal

Rescuing and adopting a stray or abandoned dog  makes you a hero. The dog may be suspicious, very scared and possibly quite aggressive, but if you can act calmly and lovingly, you can manage to save him from cold, rain, hunger and gross indifference.

There are an alarming number of animals left on the street to die. How can this happen? Because the animals become a problem for many people when they move or travel, they simply leave the animal behind without much concern.

Many dogs will run after the car for several kilometers. Others will return to the house or spend weeks walking around looking. Some will simply sit and wait for their owners to return. In any case, it is a very tragic scene.

The good news is that there are real heroes out there who rescue abandoned animals, feed them and adopt them (or find a home for them). Here are some tips that can make abandoned dogs trust you:

Stay calm

You know nothing more about this sound than that you found him on the street. He may have been abused or mistreated and probably does not trust people. If he feels threatened or in danger, he can instinctively attack if someone tries to get too close to him.

Approach him carefully, slowly but surely and stay very calm. Do not make sudden movements and use a low and slow tone. You do not want to scare him.

Win its trust

If you follow the previous advice, it is important that you approach slowly and carefully. Do not show any signs of fear and do not try to force him in any way. Smile (but definitely do not show your teeth, as it is a threatening gesture for dogs) and speak in a friendly voice.

The dog should be the one who makes contact first. Let him smell you. Do not pat him or lift him without warning. This process requires patience as it can take several minutes or in severe cases hours! Be patient!

Take it with you

It is very likely that the dog is hungry. If you show him some of the food, he may become curious and try to get closer. You may be able to leave the food and move away a little so he gets a chance to approach the food himself. Do not let him eat out of your hand. Leave the food on the ground and let the dog decide for himself.

Take it to the vet

Once you have managed to get hold of the animal, you continue to be calm and friendly. Talk to him slowly and reassure him that you do not want him badly. He may not understand what you are saying but he understands your tone. Take him to a veterinarian so he can be examined and find out if he has any wounds or injuries that need your care.

Show love

To show him love, you can wrap him in a blanket and let him rest on a comfortable pillow or in front of a fire if it is cold so he stays warm at night. You can give him plenty of food within the given proportions for the dog in question and you can play with him. At first he may be scared and do not trust you, but in time he will understand that you love him and do not want anything bad for him.

You will be his hero!

The best way for an animal to show its appreciation for you is its eternal love and loyalty. They may not be able to talk to you, but they would not hesitate for a second to defend you  or sacrifice their lives for you if needed.

Abandoned animals have probably been deceived by a family or people they once loved and considered their family. It will take a while for them to understand that there are good people like you in this world.

Once they have realized this, you will have your full devotion. They will not leave you and they will not stop showing you how much they love you. You may not have a cloak or superhuman abilities but you will always be a hero!

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