Are You Prepared And Ready For A New Animal Lover?

Are you prepared and ready for a new animal lover?

Do you think you are ready for a new animal lover at home? Once you have made the decision to adopt a pet, you must remember that some animals have had very difficult experiences.

The welcoming and affection you offer is fundamental as they step into your home. Your new friend will experience many changes, both physical and psychological.

These changes will also affect your own routine.

Steps before bringing home a new animal friend

Here are some steps you may need to take before you take a new pet friend home:

Dog with bowl
  • Give the animal its own cozy place in the home where it can feel comfortable. Having your own space will give you higher self-confidence.
  • Choose the right veterinarian for the animal:  to do so, you can compare different options, read on forums, look at references, etc.
  • Have its bed ready:  you can find many different sizes, designs and colors in the pet store.
  • Food and water bowls.
  • Enough food for the first week:  you can find commercial food that satisfies your pet’s needs in the pet store.
  • Vitamin supplementation if needed.
  • Necklace with its name and your phone number.
  • Leash to use on walks.
  • Toys and bones to get rid of excess energy and stress.
  • Cat box and sand if you adopt a cat.
  • Brush for fur care.

The best materials for a new animal lover

When choosing the right bed for your pet, make sure the material is strong and durable. Variants that can be turned inside out are good because you then get two designs in one.

Food and water bowls

When it comes to bowls, they can be made of plastic, ceramic, stainless steel, etc. Plastic bowls are easy to wash but can cause allergies. Stainless steel is easy to clean and does not rust.

Other aspects to consider when choosing a bowl are the height of it and the way the dog eats.

Each bowl has its own characteristics. Stainless steel is generally what is recommended as it is easy to keep clean and does not rust. It is also not toxic to the animal.

There are many designs to choose from, and especially ceramic bowls can have different images, engravings and colors.

Your pet’s personality should also influence which bowl you choose. The height of the bowl is especially important if the animal messes up a lot when it eats – one with higher edges reduces the amount of food on the floor.

To think about when you bring home a new animal friend

Dogs have a great ability to learn things when they are between two and four months old, so take advantage of this period. A dog trainer can be helpful during this time to keep the dog well balanced.

The guidelines we recommend are:

Puppies in bed
  • Do not overwhelm the animal with too much attention during the first few days.
  • Leave it alone from time to time to get used to the new home. If you overwhelm it, it will take longer for it to adapt.
  • You must not punish or shout at it. Give it time to learn.
  • Teach him what his space is and that he is not yet allowed to walk around the rest of the home.
  • Do not put the animal in its bed immediately.
  • Always have water readily available.
  • It is a good idea to gather the family and discuss when the animal should eat, go for a walk and play with. Also decide what the dog may and may not do (go into the bedroom, jump up on the couch, etc.)  so that everyone maintains the same rules. Not being consistent with the rules will make the dog confused and less able to learn.
  • Rewards and goodies:  animals learn faster through positive reinforcement. This means that you reward good behavior – rewards can be games, affection or sweets. The important thing is to reward them at the right moment, which is immediately after they have done what you want, e.g. when it obeyed commands, lay down, went to its bed, made off in the right place, etc.

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