Animal Intelligence: Dog Reacts When He Gets Stuck In An Elevator

No one likes to be alone and stuck in an elevator. Even less if you are a furry dog ​​and lost!
Animal intelligence: dog reacts when he gets stuck in an elevator

A dog did what a human had done during a scary elevator ride. He pressed all the buttons, including the help button. Surprising, right? Maybe it’s just another example of animal intelligence.

It happened at the Torre Baró / Vallbona station in Barcelona. The subway safety center received a call from an elevator that runs between the street and the lobby.

However, when they connected to the camera to verify what had happened, they found that the SOS call had been made by a dog.

Dog in the grass

The collar-wearing jock was apparently lost and disoriented when he was released after captivity. Guards eventually came and took care of him, and we can only hope that he could return to his owners.

The reason he could be saved at all was because he did what many people, or at least children, had done: he pressed all the buttons he could reach.

The truth is that the dog did what he probably saw his owner do hundreds of times. He pressed the elevator buttons to open the doors; if people do, why not him?

The thing is, our four-legged friends are excellent observers. Animal intelligence does not go down well with picks, and together these aspects can lead to smart solutions. There are even scientific studies that have proven what every attentive owner already knows.

A common definition of intelligence is the ability to learn, understand or handle new or trying situations. Is there any doubt that this fits in perfectly with the dog’s actions?

The intelligence of our animals

Research says that a dog’s cognitive abilities are very similar to those of a small child. Like toddlers, for example, our hairy friends succeed in assimilating vocabulary through conclusions and exclusion. Some dogs may even relate abstract labels to specific objects.

But in addition to their natural intelligence , dogs have followed humans for over 4,000 years. It is normal that during so many centuries of observations they have learned many of our tricks. They know very well what we do and how we do it, including pressing buttons in an elevator to open the door.

So they have the ability to copy and imitate. In one of the many studies conducted, participating dogs had to push open a door. The animals were divided into two groups. One had to imitate people, and the other had to come up with it on their own.

The dogs that imitated humans learned much faster. The conclusion was that dogs tend to solve things faster if they see someone else do it first, instead of just trying.

Cute manipulators who can even press elevator buttons

German Shepherd by the sea

As if that were not enough , our four-legged friends also know how to manipulate us. Have you already noticed or suspected this?

A recent investigation showed that dogs deceive us and influence our behavior based on what suits them. And they use stealth and disguise to get what they are looking for. Furthermore, they understand very well what we say to them. Above all, they understand the way we say it.

From an ethnocentric point of view, some say that the only thing dogs lack is speech. But they have their own language. You just have to learn to interpret it, just like dogs learn to open doors.

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