An Account Of Why Dogs Shed Tears

Animals, in this case dogs, have many different physiological reactions in common with humans. With that said, it’s unclear if they do it to express their feelings, just like humans.
An account of why dogs shed tears

If you are a dog owner for the first time and notice that the dog is shedding tears, you probably do not know why or what to do about it. Sometimes things like these happen, and it’s normal to get worried. So keep reading to find out why dogs shed tears.

You have probably noticed that your dog is no exception. All dogs have markings under their eyes, which is a sign that they tend to shed tears almost all the time. The question is whether dogs can cry or if they occasionally shed tears.

Even if animal lovers say that dogs and other species have emotions, it  does not mean that they show them by shedding tears. Man is the only species that sheds tears in grief. When you “cry” you usually shed tears. Of course, dogs also shed tears, but they do so without being associated with emotions. This means that dogs do not cry, but only shed tears.

dog shedding tears

Below you will find information about several reasons why dogs shed tears:

Clogged tear ducts

Many dogs are born with clogged tear ducts, which contributes to constant tear formation. As it becomes impossible to remove tears, fluid builds up in their eyelids and suddenly overflows. This is easy to solve with the help of a minor operation, but many veterinarians do not recommend it because it is common for it to persist.


The breed of the dog can be another factor because genetics determines the shape of the tears as well as the amount that builds up. Dogs with large eyes shed more tears than those with small eyes. Large dogs require more water, which means that their eyes excrete more fluid.

Eye inflammation

Another cause of dog tears can be conjunctivitis. It is easy to detect as the dog’s eyes will look different. When the dog sheds tears naturally, it will still be happy, healthy and look presentable. In case of eye inflammation, the eyes will be red, swollen and the dog will have low energy.

Dog with eye inflammation


Allergies are another reason why your dog sheds tears. It may be due to the food or other factors. It is a bodily reaction that acts as a defense mechanism against things that irritate the body.

In addition to eye inflammation with red and swollen eyes , the dog may experience sneezing and other symptoms. If this happens, you must take the dog to a veterinarian so that he / she can figure out which allergy is bothering him / her.

The first thing to do is to clean the dog’s eyes with clean water. When done, make sure that nothing that can irritate the eyes remains. If there is additional debris, you can use cold chamomile tea or a saline solution to thoroughly clean the area around the eyes. Finally, the dog’s discomfort is relieved.

Always remember to keep an eye out for sudden changes in the dog. The faster you shop, the better. It is your responsibility to take care of your pet and grant it a good quality of life.

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