All The Reasons Why We Love Giant Dog Breeds

They are kind and noble, but if they feel that their owners are being threatened, they quickly become protective. Read more about why we love giant dog breeds.
All the reasons why we love giant dog breeds

Large dogs are exposed to certain prejudices that are not always true. The height of giant dog breeds actually makes them easier to train, although this may not be the first thing you think. These breeds are also more suitable for living with children.

Character and personality of giant dog breeds

Giant dog lying on a lawn.
Source: Bella and George Burton

One of the reasons why people love giant dogs, apart from their size, is their behavior. There are even large dogs that move significantly less in the home than a small dog does. Another myth is that large dogs can not live in an apartment or a small house. But despite the size of these giant dogs, there are those animals that quickly adapt to an apartment or other types of housing with less space.

The height of the dog does not determine its personality either. There are a number of other factors that affect a dog’s character. Factors such as which breed, or mixed breed, are important.

The owner’s personality is also an important variable that comes into play when adopting a dog. Imagine a dog owner who enjoys long walks and spends a lot of time outdoors. In that case, the perfect pet would be a large dog that is dynamic, active and powerful.

A child-friendly giant dog

Children can also be an influential aspect when planning to adopt a dog. Some breeds are more suitable for families with children than others. Keep this in mind when choosing to adopt a pet that will live in the same house as your young children.

If there is a child at home, the child will be able to hold on to his giant friend during his first steps, before the child learns to walk. It should be noted that homes with children are usually not the most suitable for small dogs. Their size makes them very vulnerable to young children’s ingenuity and clumsiness. Logically, a large dog will be much less affected if the child in an unsupervised moment throws himself on top of it, pulls it by the tail, and so on.

The best training for a large dog

Living with a giant dog breed can fit well with the pace of life that most people live in today. For example, an energetic or lively person who loves long walks can find the perfect companion in a large size dog.

Another important detail is the fact that a large dog can look at its owner almost at eye level. This is another reason why large dogs are also easier to train.

Car and transport

It is common that it is difficult for families to transport a large dog from one place to another. Especially if they are used to going on longer trips. Packing a giant dog in a car is not quite the same as bringing a small furry lap dog.

The owner’s age and physique

Something that can tip the scales for or against adopting a giant dog breed is the adoptive person’s age and physical condition. It is not easy for anyone to handle such a large animal.

Not everyone can control a dog that weighs more than 40 kilos. For example, if the person is older or does not have the necessary strength, a walk in the park can turn into a nightmare.

A couple of large dogs are playing in a field.

Are giant dog breeds more affectionate?

It is said that dogs that are of large breeds in many cases can be more affectionate than small dogs. It happens that small dogs are very nervous by nature. In these cases, it is more difficult for small dogs to establish a strong bond with their owners.

Statistically, large dogs show love to their owners more easily than small dogs do. Large dog breeds such as Dalmatians, Newfoundland and Labrador Retrievers are known for their excellent and loving character.

Giant dog breeds are the best protectors

If we are not only looking for a weapon bearer but also want protection and safety, the best choice is a large dog breed or mixed breed. Dogs with greater physical manifestation frighten strangers more. These breeds have also become accustomed to protecting and guarding through the centuries.

Do you need more reasons to love these friendly giants? We hope you enjoyed learning about this article. We’ll see eachother next time!


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