A Movie About A Dog Who Wants You To Adopt Him

This short film will make the most hard-hearted person cry. It shows how a dog is trying to get you to adopt him. 
A movie about a dog who wants you to adopt him

This short, animated film will make the most hard-hearted person cry. It shows how a dog is trying to get you to adopt him. 

The film tells the story of a dog  who does everything he can to make a girl fall in love with him  and take him home.

“Take me home” – a short film about adopting a dog

Adopt a dog: A dog in a cage.

As part of efforts to reduce the number of abandoned dogs and other animals,  many people have decided to create non-profit organizations to rescue the animals from the streets,  neuter them and rehabilitate them.

But afterwards the most difficult work remains –  finding a new home for the animals. They need a place where someone will love them and take care of them the way they deserve. This short film was made to raise awareness of this business.

The action of the film

To the dog, it seems like he should never get the chance to get a new home. But he still does not lose hope and does everything he can to be chosen. 

The kind animal knows it will not be easy, and he has many competitors in the orphanage. Therefore, he uses a very clever trick to be seen and capture the girl’s attention, she who is interested in adoption.

Although there is a lot of competition to be adopted by the girl, our unexpected hero  reaches  his goal.

The film’s message

The film goes on to  show a moral message that one should keep in mind when deciding to get a new member for the family. We should all watch the film to draw our own conclusions.

When adopting a dog, the most important thing is not whether it is a purebred dog or a mixed breed. The most important thing to keep in mind when making the decision to choose one or the other dog is its personality. We need to know what personality traits our new friend has.

To adopt a dog

We should remember that when we buy a new little puppy, there are many other dogs that are killed due to lack of space. This can happen when the dog at the animal shelter has not found a new owner after a couple of weeks or months.

These poor animals are scared and desperate. They are neither worse nor better than the animals you can find elsewhere.

They are orphans who have ended up in cages because of careless owners  who treated them as objects without feelings.

Your relationship with an adopted dog

In the first days after an adoption, the immediate relationship that arises between owner and dog is the most important. Beauty does not exist. Adopting an animal solely because of its appearance is not just something we advise against, but very superficial.

Do not be tempted or attracted by the appearance of an animal when adopting it.

An adopted dog will be extremely loyal. It will always be by your side during the most difficult times, no matter what happens. The dog will see you as part of his family. He will be your best friend. He will take care of your family as if it were his own. In addition, he will love you more than he loves himself and he will never leave your side.

Food and play

Adopt a dog: A dog waiting for food.

Animal shelters and organizations that rescue dogs always strive to give the rescued dogs the best possible care. But the truth is that  sometimes there is too little food and it is not the healthiest or good food. 

How will the dog you are going to adopt react when you give him a treat he has never seen or smelled before?

Although dogs in animal shelters play with many other dogs, it is more fun to go to the park or to a large field with their new owners. There, the dog has the opportunity to meet new dogs, people and discover new places. 

Adopt a dog and give it a soft bed

The dog you are going to adopt is used to sleeping everywhere and on anything. It will be nice for him to have a clean, soft bed where he can curl up and sleep soundly. All dogs waiting to be adopted dream of a bed where they can rest without freezing or being scared.

New toys

All dogs want a toy, whether it is big or small, hard or soft and so on. If the dog has never had his own toy, he will appreciate it immensely. 

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