A Man Saves Ten Dogs And Pigs Via Adoption

Adoption is a way to open the arms of needy animals in need.
A man rescues ten dogs and pigs through adoption

Steve Greig had a great plan. He wanted to adopt older dogs that were unwanted because of their ages. This man saved ten dogs and pigs through adoption. Continue reading the article to find out the reasons.

Adopting pets instead of buying them is something that is becoming increasingly popular. This is something that many future pet owners consider when deciding to acquire a new animal. Adoption is necessary to stop the exploitation of animals, or at least to prevent it.

Many people are reluctant to adopt animals with special needs. Many times, cats or dogs with disabilities are rejected. Sometimes older animals are overlooked because people do not think they can be trained, or have the notion that they would not feel the same love for an older animal as they would for a kitten or puppy.

adoption of older dogs

The story of Steve begins several years after the unexpected death of his dog. Steve wanted to honor his friend by adopting theoldest and least ‘adoptable’ ” dog from a local animal shelter. Finally, Steve came home with a 12-year-old little chihuahua named Eeyore. He had problems with his knees as well as wheezing in his heart.

Steve said he realized the decision would change his life. After the death of a beloved pet, most people tend to be so affected that they try to prevent it from happening again. Steve believes, however, that the pain of a passing can be relieved by new friends.

Taking care of ten dogs, pigs and other smaller animals is not an easy task. Steve’s daily activities begin at five in the morning. At 5:00 he wakes up to prepare breakfast for the whole crowd. It is not easy to feed all their animals. Since several of his pets have different diets, he has to prepare ten different types of meals. In addition, he must give them various medications.

In addition to cooking , he also makes time for walks, games and several medical treatments for the sick animals. Remember that the care a pet receives in its youth often determines its state of health in old age.

Games are important for keeping dogs in shape, as well as taking care of their physical and mental health.

The daily care a dog receives as a puppy will significantly affect its health at an advanced age. As a result , daily walks are important for an animal’s well-being, and something that must be maintained even as they get older.

Experts recommend at least 30 minutes of physical activity per day for an older dog. Long walks are one of the best options. Keep in mind that moderate exercise for an older dog can help prevent various degenerative diseases. It is usually arthritis, which affects the animal’s joints. Physical activity also reduces the risk of the animal becoming overweight in its older days.

The quality of the food that a dog consumes during its life also plays an important role when it comes to taking care of the health of an older adopted pet.

You should keep in mind that caring for an older animal actually begins at birth. Nutrition and preventive health measures introduced when the dog is a puppy will affect its lifespan in recent years.

The dog’s diet must change throughout life. One reason is that the body of an older dog works at a slower pace than a young dog’s body. Their food should contain fewer calories as they have reduced the amount of physical activity.

Ten dogs and pigs


Lunch bags and canned food have specific recommendations for older animals. They suggest foods with a lower amount of calories that are also rich in fiber.  Food for older dogs is often also rich in protein as well, this to counteract the loss of muscle mass that older dogs suffer from.

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