A Dog That Loves The Sea: Meet Fantastic Nirvana

A dog that loves the sea: meet amazing Nirvana

There was once a man from Spain who decided to leave his boring life behind and travel the world with a kayak. On the way, he met a homeless dog who became his companion. Meet Nirvana – a dog that loves the sea!

Tired of the boring working life, Sergi Basoli decided in 2013 to dump his life as an engineer in Barcelona and do something he always wanted to do, but just postponed.

His dream was to travel in the Mediterranean world in a kayak. As with all adventures, there are things you can not foresee or plan for, and he could never have imagined that he would encounter the perfect fellow traveler.

On the streets of Alghero in Sicily, he found someone who would become a faithful companion. The abandoned dog Nirvana was a little seasick at first, but soon adapted to life in the kayak. From hanging over the railing, she became a dog who loves the sea.

Thanks to the internet, Sergi was able to share his travels on his website. There he told everyone about the people he met and the countries he visited. One of Sergi’s main principles was to never pay for a place to sleep. This was not just to save money, but rather to make it a challenge and a way to create unique experiences.

With this way of thinking , he met many hospitable, friendly people. Sergi has a relaxed attitude to travel so that he can always enjoy what comes up and drive life there for him.

To make sure they have a basic income , Sergi and Nirvana sold art made from natural materials they find on the beach. They do it in the evening, and when the day comes it is time for adventure.

Nirvana out at sea

Their way of traveling is simple and peaceful, and it’s all about enjoying the journey. They travel between 10 and 30 km a day for four hours. In winter, of course, their journeys look a little different and are shorter.

After three years, they have traveled over 5,000 km around the shores of the Mediterranean. Sergi says that the dream lives on, especially since he has a dog who loves the sea as much as he does.

Ever since Sergi was little, he has dreamed of being Indiana Jones or a pirate. At this stage in life he has begun to enjoy all that nature has to offer as well as the kindness of the people he meets.

If you have ever taken a cat or dog with you to sea, you know that you have to be very careful. If your hairy friend gets nervous or seasick, talk to a veterinarian. There are medications that can prevent it from getting sick and vomiting.

It is best for a dog or cat to stay in a bid, where they can play with their toys, chew on things, eat some food, etc. It is also good if the animal does not eat anything a few hours before the trip. However, it is important that they maintain their fluid balance, especially in the summer.

Make sure your pet is ID marked and completely up to date when it comes to examinations and vaccinations. Do not forget the rabies syringes if you are traveling abroad. If it disappears, the chance of getting it back will increase sharply if it is ID marked.

The information of the ID microchip must be up to date and preferably contain a telephone number that you can reach.

A suitcase for your dog should include:

  • A towel, shampoo, brush, deworming products
  • A collar and leash as well as a muzzle if the dog is considered potentially dangerous or if the boat’s rules require it.
  • Dry food is easier to travel with. With canned food, you have to throw away what is left over if you do not have a refrigerator.
  • Always bring a bottle of fresh water with you so that the dog does not get thirsty. The water should not be too cold as it can damage their stomachs.

Image source: Instagram sergibasoli

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