8 Famous Songs About Dogs You May Not Have Heard

Thanks to their infamous behaviors and personalities, dogs have been the stars of several songs written by world-renowned artists.
8 famous songs about dogs you may not have heard

Dogs inspire us every day with their simple, unconditional presence in our lives. This is precisely why famous artists have not forgotten man’s best friend in their music. Plenty of singers and songwriters have produced special songs about dogs.

In this article we will tell you about some of the best.

“Martha My Dear” by The Beatles / Paul McCartney

“Martha My Dear” is a song from the historic Beatles album The White Album which was released in 1968. Most music fans know that Paul McCartney wrote this song. But  few are aware that he wrote in honor of his dog Martha.

Some interpret the song as a love song for a woman,  but the lyrics are about the Liverpool artist’s fine bond with his best friend Martha.

“I Love My Dog” by Cat Stevens

The new generation may know Cat Stevens as Yusuf Islam. The British artist has composed a number of different songs with very special messages. But in “I Love My Dog”  he simply explains his love for his closest childhood friend.

This song is on the first single that Cat released in 1966, and the melody is inspired by a song from Yusef Lateef. Even today  , it is still one of the finest and most recognizable songs about dogs in music history.

Dog listens to music

“Seamus” by Pink Floyd / David Glimour

Seamus was Steve Marriott’s beloved pet, and Steve was a close friend of David Glimour. This dog apparently enchanted the musician so much that David composed the very special song “Seamus”. However, the story does not end there, for Gilmour included Seamus’ grunts in the song.

The result was immortalized in  Meddle – Pink Floyd’s album released in 1971.  It is a very original blues song that is raised to the skies by the beautiful collie Seamus’ participation. Unfortunately, the song received strong criticism from the music industry.

“Bron Yr-Aur stomp” by Led Zeppelin / Robert Plant

In the historical album  Led Zeppelin III,  released in 1970, Robert Plant dedicated this song to his dog Strider. In the text, the British artist shares several beautiful moments with his companion, and talks about a relationship that no one can ever replace.

Interestingly, the name Strider is a reference to Aragorn –  one of the main characters in the trilogy about the Lord of the  Rings. This little detail gossips that Plant is probably a fan of Tolkien’s works.

“Laika” by Mecano / Nacho Cano

Songs about dogs do not get more emotional than this, which is a tribute to the dog Laika – one of the first animals in space. Nacho Cano composed it in the 80’s and use Laika as an example of both courage and vulnerability.

Songs about dogs

“Old King” by Neil Young

Old King is a beautiful country song that Neil Young wrote for his dog and best friend Elvis. After his death, the artist dedicated this song to Elvis’ honor, for all the amazing moments they went through together. Neil’s bond with Elvis was strong, and the dog accompanied him around the world on all his tours.

“Putter” by Andrés Lewin

Although he is not as well known as others, Lewin is a brilliant Argentine singer who has written incredibly beautiful songs. In “Púter” the artist talks about the complex duality of man / animals,  with the help of simple and sensitive words.

The song was released in March 2016 and is on Lewis’ album  The Sadness of the Milky Way. Sadly, he died just two months before his work was released.

“Sometimes I Don’t Mind” by The Suicide Machine

Our list of songs about dogs ends with this one, which is part of the band’s third studio album, which was released in 2000.  The Suicide Machine dedicated the song to a Boston Terrier. The text is about some of their adventures, such as the ones we all experience with our animals.

The song also points out that you can never get angry at something so sweet. The Boston Terrier in question also took part in the recording, and at the end of the original version you can hear how it expresses itself.

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