7 Types Of Behavioral Problems In Our Dogs

Behavioral problems in dogs can have many different causes. They can be related to fear, anxiety and stress.
7 types of behavioral problems in our dogs

There are various behavioral problems in our dogs that not only affect their emotional health, but also expose them to danger.

The reason for this is that the condition may make them want to run away from home or they may happen to harm themselves. They may even try to start a fight with another animal.

In some cases, it is important to keep in mind that the behavior that we ourselves find difficult can be a completely normal behavior for a dog.

This can include compulsively marking a territory, biting or destroying various objects or digging holes in the garden.

Dogs playing on the beach.

And we should not forget that some of the behavior can actually be caused by a disease that the pet may be suffering from.

The main causes of behavioral problems in dogs

We will now tell you about the main causes of behavioral problems in dogs

Behavioral problems in our dogs: Poor socialization

Behavioral problems are common in dogs that have not been socialized properly.

The dog may be scared and constantly feel frightened by other animals, strangers or sudden sounds (thunder, explosions, fireworks, etc.).

Rescue dogs tend to show aggressive responses to situations or try to escape from the situation and hide.

The lack of socialization has worsened in recent years. The reason for this is that there is an increase in illegal animal farms.

On these farms, the animals spend the first days in smaller spaces without any opportunity to explore their environment. They are also separated from their mother at a very young age.

Poor training and excessive humanization

You should show your pet clearly what rules you have in the home. It is important that you do not contradict yourself.

If you do not do this, the animal may become confused and not know how to behave.

Keep in mind that the first thing you should do when training your pet is to learn how to interpret his body language.

There is also a problem when the dog is treated as a person instead of a dog. This can also cause various behavioral problems and problems with physical health.

You may use hygiene products for people, put clothes on the dog, etc.

Behavioral problems in our dogs: Physical and verbal abuse

Abuse comes in various forms. If you punish a dog by hitting him, yelling at him, making aggressive gestures, keeping him locked in a cage or chaining him, he may start to get scared.

As mentioned earlier, fear can be turned into aggression and other behavioral problems, such as:

  • To make their needs in inappropriate places
  • Destroy various objects in the home
  • To dig up the garden and destroy plants
  • Develop stereotypical behaviors (compulsive licking on certain parts of the body, chasing one’s own shadow or catching non-existent insects, etc.)

Not paying attention to him

Dogs that spend much of the day alone and do not get the attention they need from their owners can also develop behavioral problems.

This may be because they are bored or have too much energy. It can also be a way for them to make the owners understand how they feel, or because they suffer from separation anxiety.

When you decide to get a pet, you must understand your responsibility as a pet owner.

You need to take him for walks and play with him so that he gets his daily physical and mental training. Of course, he also needs a lot of love.

Behavioral problems in our dogs: Unexpected situations

Behavioral problems in dogs can also be caused by a change in the pet’s daily routine. These can be, for example:

  • Move to a new home
  • Death or birth in the family
  • A new pet in the home
  • Strangers in the home (plumber, painter, etc.)


There are many physical problems that can cause aggressive behavior, even in very peaceful dogs. This can happen if the animal suffers from:

  • Otitis
  • Hip dysplasia

Epilepsy can be another cause of behavioral problems in dogs. Cystitis can also be an underlying cause if the dog starts urinating everywhere.

If you constantly mix breeds, this can also give rise to various diseases in dogs.

Dog who is sad.


Just as humans can begin to lose patience as they age, so can dogs. They may therefore start to become more aggressive in certain situations.

Progressive aggression or new behaviors can also be a sign of cataracts or cognitive limitations such as Alzheimer’s.

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